I just don't get it?!

Men, I just do not get them at times. Today I am listening to the radio at work and I listen to the local AM sports talk radio station. I know so strange, I am so NOT there demographic. But anyway, they are talking about if women ever know that men are checking them out. So they ask women to call in and talk about this issue...See yeah, sports talk my ass. And somehow they get on the conversation of every man's dream of two women. There were these women calling in saying that they would intentionally make out with their other women friends just to drive men crazy. They are talking about this on the radio and the three radio hosts are acting like monkeys at the zoo. They were ridiculous. I was sitting at my desk just saying over and over in my head..."Men are so dumb." The kicker, about 10 minutes later my husband calls, asks are you listening to The Ticket. I said "yes", he says, "that was pretty funny." My response, "your an idiot."

I just don't get it...Thank God! I mean I have been wild and crazy in my life, but never and no amount of alcohol would ever prompt me to make out with my girlfriend.

Also recently my husband has found this show on HBO called the "Cathouse". It is about the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Mind you we know about this place from this said radio station mentioned above. The "owner" of the Bunny Ranch is a regular guest on one of the evening shows. Anyway, this show is so...Freaking weird! I cannot believe the stuff the people are "into." And then to have it put on TELEVISION. I mean if you want to be a freak behind closed doors go for it, but hell have some pride and don't advertise your strange sexual needs and wants on TV for God sake! Just when you think people have hit the plateau of weird then something else pops up. And we watch. I swear it is children's videos once Syd starts getting into television. I even think I am going to buy the Shirley Temple DVD's so she can watch those if she feels the "need" to watch TV. I have all of these pre-conceived notions that she is not going to do this and not going to do that, yeah I know just kidding myself. I mean, I was not that comfortable this summer while on vacation and my husband's 10 yr old cousin is watching "Viva La Bam." Just made me feel a bit weirded out.

I just got a news update via e-mail here at work. BTK Killer sentenced to life in prison. Gee thanks, I so wished he did this in Texas. Seeing how we are KNOWN for our extended use of the lethal injection. Someone today said on, yes the same radio station, that we can only hope that he gets the Jeffrey Dahamer treatment while in prison. Great point I thought. We can only hope.


At 2:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tawny... just love your blog... but you knew I would! When will you post a rant about stupid people... or women who party too much while leaving the 11 year old to watch the other 3 children?? ha ha ha... oh wait, those are my rants... maybe I need to start my own blog!!! Love ya!

At 9:14 PM , Blogger Tacey said...

It's fine to be all righteous in theory and plan to limit your child's television, but truth be told, it was my babysitter for many years and I turned out OK. Moira already watches Sesame Street (she LOVES Elmo) and Baby Einstein DVDs (they are EXCELLENT). If the TV is on anything else, she pretty much ignores it.

At 6:50 AM , Blogger TL said...


I love Elmo too....even the pediatrician told me that Baby Enstein is great. Syd love to watch baseball, I kid you not. I think it is because Daddy is a die hard Red Sox fan and when they won the World Series last year, her Daddy just balled like a baby. I have to admit I even got pulled into the hype. But, now I would rather watch paint dry. She and Daddy will watch games for hours. I just don't get it.

At 7:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHAT???! He's a Red Sox fan? It's a good thing we didn't get together last year during OCtober.
PS Ellie watches mounds of TV, too. And everyone tells me she's brilliant. She's two and she can count and say the alphabet and spell her name (kind of).


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