Closed Casket

This week has been hard. I guess harder than I have wanted to realize or accept and I guess harder than maybe it should be for me because it directly does not really effect me. Sunday morning, the owner of Sydney's school was killed suddenly by an a supposed drunk driver. Meredith Hatch was an avid cyclist tri-athlete, community activist for education and everywhere you looked she seemed to be involved. She was beautiful, kind, caring, resilient, smart, funny, passionate, full of life and now gone from this life and passed on to Higher ground. Leaving a husband, three boys aged, 12, 9 and 6. Two schools of staff that adored her and looked upon her with admiration and were honored to be lead by her and befriended by her. Her legacy will live on, forever, but her shoes will never be filled. Tonight was the visitation and this was the first that I have attended where the casket was closed. After seeing photos posted in the news broadcasts, I am sure that the accident was just too much for her body. She was training for another race in June, she had just completed an Ironman competition at Disney World last month. I don't think she knew the word can't, what a wonderful person to care for your child.

We were so lucky to have her develop the first school for Sydney to attend, my whole body aches for her family and the staff she has left behind. Tomorrow will be hard, as will the weeks to come as everyone comes to the realization that Meredith will not be coming back to us. I will miss her smile, she could light up a room. What a blessing we had, I wish I had another moment to speak with her, just to tell her thank you again for giving us such a wonderful place to take care of our child. Thank you Meredith Hatch for sharing part of your life with us, we will be forever change because of you. You will never be forgotten. God Speed.


At 9:31 PM , Anonymous Hannah Morris said...

I used to work at Primrose in 2003 and 2004. Meredith was kind and loving and very supportive to me and everyone she came in contact with. It has been hard for me to even comprehend because I love those three boys so much and Sherman too and I continue to pray for them because God is the only one who can heal their hearts right now.


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