Mother's Day In Colorado

I am going to see Kimmer's tomorrow night!! I have been waiting for this trip since she surprised me with it MONTHS ago!! SO my Mother's Day weekend will be filled with Kim and her Fam. Just being able to leave work is gift enough! I am so excited.

In sad moments of our lives, two weeks ago I had to put Millie, my Girl pug down. I have purposely not blogged about it because she was my first dog that I ever owned and this was beyond heart breaking for me. She was my baby and I adored her. She truly thought she was a person and dogs were beneath her. She was hilarious and I was so lucky to have her. Our house seems a bit bigger now that she is gone. I still expect her to be next to the bed when I get up in the morning and try not to step on her, but she is not there. It breaks my heart, but she is better now, no pain and no more illness, she was 13 years old and just plain old for a dog.

On more exciting notes, yesterday in my fire class, we got to use the jaws of life. I cut the A bar section of the car in half. I also broke a window and used the spreaders to pull the back door apart on the vehicle, all while dressed in full fire gear, bunker pants, boots, coat, helmet, goggles, gloves all that. I have a new appreciation for firemen walking around in all of the gear and not falling over from heat exhaustion. I was sweaty and nasty after being in the gear for over an hour working on the car. Our class cut the roof off and took it off of the car. I hope to get the photos sent to me, it was great. I am sore as hell today, the equipment is heavy and not the easiest thing to manage, but I did it. In two weeks it is our live fire. Oh and I am seriously thinking about doing a ride out with the careflite team in the helicopter.

Less than 24 hours till Colorado!!

Woo Hoo!!!


At 8:26 PM , Blogger Kim said...

So Tawny thought, less than 24 hours. She has been at the airport for over 6 and I am sitting at home waiting for the call that she will indeed depart and I can leave for the airport. I am loading songs on my new iPod and listening to Little Man scream because we (gasp!) put him to bed.


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