Headed to Crazy Town

Or Waco, sorry could not resist. This weekend has afforded me the pleasure of a slight road trip to Waco. I had two "toy" parties booked this weekend and yesterday my Friday night party bombed out. This month is kicking my butt in no sales! But Saturday's is still on. The only real pisser about Friday, is the party where I was going they said that I could stay at their house on Friday so I did not have to travel back 1 1/2 hrs that night and then back the next day. Needless to say I could just go tomorrow but I had already made much needed plans to see my Sorority Mom in Waco on Saturday, and I have promised tons of times to make the trek and loved that this would make me have the time to do it. When Friday's party bombed I was determined to still go, so I called my good Sorority Mom and said, I am still coming but, can I stay with you tonight? So I am off to Waco later this afternoon and so excited to get some good chat time with Jen, my MOM! It cracks me up because I am older than my MOM! HA! I was legal before my MOM and that is just so crazy in college times!

I am so excited about my weekend trip to Waco, I wish that I could take Syd with me this weekend but considering my sales items it is not in the best interest and against the law to have her there with me, plus she has multiple actives booked on her calendar for this weekend. Daddy will be off to one of the many lakes in TX this weekend trying to hook that winner bass. I think he would be a true winner if he can stay in the boat this weekend, sorry, I just could not resist the comment go read his blog to get the whole low down.

In three weeks I will be in CO! I am SO excited about this. I have had some good mini vacations here recently, but why is it as soon as I get back to work I feel like I need another one??


At 11:19 AM , Blogger Krust said...

Yeah, I'm a peach. I'll do my best to stay in the boat, but I most definitely will not bury the truck again.

Have a good trip, be safe, and sell lots of rubber dicks and stuff.

At 6:14 PM , Blogger Jen said...

I am sooo glad that your plans had to change. It was awesome to see you this weekend. And you may have been legal before me, but I think I made up for it.
Hope your party rocked.


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