Things that I have to comment on

1.) Clay Aiken reveals that he is gay. Who JUST got this memo? Now because he has a child he cannot raise his child to lie and hide. So now he comes out, he is gay. Great Clay, bravo, guess what, we already knew.

2.) We recently got a letter from our HOA. We mind out VOTED for our HOA, we moved into our neighborhood before our HOA was established fully and was still under the control of the builder. Long story, redundant, stupid, but anyway, we got a letter a few weeks ago about our shed that was built two weeks after we moved into our house, almost 3 years ago. Before the HOA was put into place. Yes, you are reading that correctly. And the opening line of the letter is "The HOA Board has noticed you have constructed a shed on your property." Yeah, long before you were around fuckers. So, I have till October 31, 2008 to have my pre-existing shed approved by the HOA Board with PLANS and PHOTOS, or I will be fined $500.00 for not obtaining prior approval for construction projects. Who do I get prior approval from? Mind you the shingles on the damn shed were given to us by the freaking home builder so they would match our house, and we spoke to the warranty specialist of our subdivision about our shed, and utilized the specs provided in our HOA guidelines that were provided when we moved into the subdivision. BUT, since this time our home builder has since fired/laid off these former employees so I cannot obtain statements from these former employees in my "defense." So I have to write up a submission in regards to my freaking shed that houses my lawnmower and other home ownership needed items that I would not want to have thrown all around the yard and make it look trashy, that would be in violation of the HOA regulations! Heaven forbid you have a SHED! Or one built without prior approval, I understand their purpose, but why not have someone go around and ask the homeowners go door to door. They have done this before in regards to other issues....instead, I had to go to the dang post office and pick up a certified letter that cost over $5.00 to mail and waste time doing this pantie waste dog and pony show over a freaking shed....that they obviously looked over our fence to see.

3.) Grey's starts tonight. I can hardly wait. I am excited, stoked and ready for another year of Grey's. That damn writers strike last year really kicked the shit out of the TV viewing season for all of my shows! So I am ready for a full season of shows. No half assed season of 7 episodes and then seeing the same seven over and over and over again that I wanted to PUKE! Also, I must tout the greatness of The Office, I swear that show is freaking hilarious. The stupidity of that show just about sums up some of what I work with from time to time. And I am not lying. If I had a penny for every time I had someone question how the fax machine worked, I would be a rich woman. The statement did come out of someones mouth that "I don't know how to work that high-tech equipment" yeah it is REALLY high tech, because you cannot understand the concept of a flashing light telling you that the fax is going through. And if it does not flash it will print out the cover sheet and tell you FAILED, it is REALLY HIGH TECH!!! Or your a really big DUMB ASS. I vote the latter of the two, now get off of my island. Oh sorry wrong show.

4.) I have a party tomorrow night. Let's just say, it shall probably be one of the most interesting ones I do. And the group rhymes with ringers.

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At 6:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, you know I keep seeing the magazines with Clay Aiken on the front and I keep thinking... I thought we already knew this?

At 6:52 AM , Blogger Krust said...

Next thing you know, Donnie and Marie Osmond will announce that they've had a sexual relationship for 20 years. Duh!

At 8:10 AM , Blogger TL said...

As scary as that sounds, you might be right...


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