Happy Birthday, now take your medicine

At about 2 PM yesterday all hell broke loose, well not really but well things were crazy. Scott got the call that Sydney had a fever at school. He was on is way to get her anyway so I make the call to the Dr. They see her at 3:45, she is diagnosed with in no particular order: Pink Eye (Got meds for that on Saturday treating as directed) ear infection, (this makes 6 for those of you counting) and Strep Throat, this one is new. So, we get another round of antibiotics but this time a referral to the ear, nose and throat doctor for tubes. Scott calls me with the low down on the diagnosis, I am kicked into action, it is recommended we get her ears done before we go on vacation on the 16th of this month. I am kicked into gear, mind you it is 5 till 5. The doctor they recommended cannot see us until the 21st of this month, sorry we will be out of town. Second option, ENT doctor that clipped her tongue, she was tongue tied as a baby. This happens to be the Dr. that ordered the C-Section for her birth, he was the Dr. that got my nose to stop bleeding after they delivered her. (See life seems to just be one big freaking circle!) I called and they could see her today, her birthday at 11:20 am. SOLD!

Sydney will be having her surgery on Monday at 8 am. I am happy to report that this is a very quick and easy procedure and she probably will be acting like nothing happened shortly after she wakes up. I am suppressions calm about this, I know she is going to be in the best hands, shit this guy was there for her birth! He told us before, besides his own children her birth is the only other one he has witnessed, he kind of is part of our family in some weird strange way. It was really freaky to see him one year exactly to the whole nose bleed trauma shit.

I remember when he came into the ER when they called him in he came in in torn jeans, I think by the time he made it into the ER it was close to 10:30 that night. I do recall that there was some other huge trauma that the ER doctor assigned to my case was busy handling. After he shoved the nose tampon, yes that was what it was, up my nose and that failed he called in the big guns. The ER doctor told me, and after reading about nosebleeds his facts check out, that NORMALLY patients with nose bleeds like the one I had, they put cocaine on the bleed and it shrinks the blood vessel that is bleeding. But because I was pregnant, I could not go that route and no pain meds either. So, next time you are bored take a tampon and shove it up your nose to the point where you can feel it in the back of your throat, without any meds. Good times!!

Sydney has suprisingly been in a great mood today. She does not seem sick at all, she has been happy, crabby, and silly and sometimes she does this all at one time. At one point I swore she thought she turned 2 instead of 1. Tomorrow we will have her party at her daycare, we will have the bubble machine up and running for a trial run for Saturday.

Now, I gotta go wake sleeping beauty and give her medicine so she and I and her Grandparents can go out and eat dinner in celebration of her. Daddy is taking the night off, he had her all day today, and he is going to the Stars game. Daddy is struggling today with all his shitty news from work. But well, that is life in the big city.

Until tomorrow, Party party party, Sydney is O-N-E!


At 3:28 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

Is she gonna perform like this every year on her birthday?

At least you guys won't ever be bored ;)

At 2:49 PM , Blogger TL said...

So very true!!! Now if we can get her to stop eating least she is not like the dogs that eat shit outside....


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