Whistling noses, mascots, and monkey brains...Happy Friday!!!

My fucking nose has whistled for almost 24 hours now, I am about to be driven insane by the sound of air traveling in and out of my damn nose. I am feeling better, but getting air in through my nose must have become a lost art in the last 24 hours. Last night laying there in bed watching television it was driving me crazy then. Of course the sleep I did get was not restful and today I am beyond tired.

Yahoo has more information about the Winter Olympics than you could ever wish for. Is it sad that I could care less? I know my Husband will be into the Men's Hockey, and I do like to watch the Women's Figure Skating, but other than that the rest I am pretty un-interested in. I was looking over the Olympic Issue of Sports Illustrated yesterday trying to see if anything peaked my interest, NADA. Seems that Sasha Cohen is the U.S. favorite in Female Figure Skating, I remember her from the last Winter Olympics, she was so damn tiny, aren't they all though. And I am sure the big story will be will Kwan choke again and not be able to deliver the gold yet again. My bet is yes, can't tell you why, I just think she will choke again. Ahh, remember the days of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan? Good times....

Oh, and yes the Winter Olympic Mascot's for 2006 are a snowball and an ice cube. I kid you not, here take a gander yourself. Why do we have to have mascots? Not like they can cheer for any team, what they fuck are they supposed to do, jump around and launch t-shirts out of a cannon that say "Go Olympics?" I am sure some marketing guru is getting a pretty hefty bonus for coming up with snowball and ice cube. 2010 at this rate will be an ice skate and a ski...How about the Coke Polar Bears? At least you have product recognition with them.

Oh, yeah one other odd thing, Scott came home the other day and asked if I had listened to a radio program while at work. I had not, but he told me about this guy who for 13 years lived with Grizzly Bears, thought they were his family and in the end he and his girlfriend were eaten by the Grizzly's. Timothy Treadwell was filming his interaction with the bears for the 13 summers he spend with them. Guess what happens in 2003?? One Grizzly eats him and his girlfriend, and guess what? Now you have basis for a movie.... From what I can gather, you do not see the mauling or eating of Treadwell, but you hear it, OK, I ask what is more disturbing, hearing or seeing or seeing and hearing both? When I was 16 I went to a friends house to watch that 80's movie that all teenagers during the 80's just had to see, I am speaking of Faces of Death. It should have been called, It Will Fuck Your Shit Up. I remember running, yes running home to my house afterwards, and it was about a mile away from my home, dark around midnight and every fucking sound freaked me out. I don't know if it was the scenes of the man jumping out of a window to his death, the one where the cop decides to lasso the alligator and gets pulled in and eaten, the man on death row that is electrocuted , or the monkey that they take wooden hammers and knock on the head until he dies and then eat the warm brains that fucked me up more. What I really remember most about the movie was the damn music that played in the back ground, it was this happy go lucky shit. I don't know if the purpose of that was to comfort the viewer or to fuck with them even more. After that movie, I think it turned me off of scary things from that point on.

My point, if I still have one, is I bet Grizzly Man would probably have the same effect on me, needless to say I will not be standing in line at the local Cinemark waiting to view this new flick. Don't save a place for me, I will be in line for Curious George.


At 10:27 AM , Blogger Krust said...

I had no urge to watch Faces of Death... seemed pointless to me. But then again, I'm not a ghoul.

At 9:40 AM , Blogger nita said...

i got the Curious George poster for my monkey's room!

i heard about the grizzly man on an npr piece. sounds so freakin' sad.

your post title rocks :)

At 8:23 PM , Blogger Kim said...

Okay, I had a comment and don't know what happened to it! I hope you are feeling better. Is the whistling gone at least?

I watched Faces of Death, several of them. I don't know why. I couldn't stand the sight of them now. I hadn't heard about grizzly man horrible.

i can't wait to see curious george.....or the new one coming out with matthew mcconneghy, i know it is spelled wrong and i could go look it up but really...too tired.


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