Just might have been on to something

So, two nights ago we were graced with Britney Spear's surprise appearance on David Letterman to let the public know that she indeed is pregnant again. That her first child only 8 months of age and she is again knocked up with K-FED's dirty offspring...Again. Tuesday night when she was making this appearance I watched a re-run of Sex and the City. The one called "The Baby shower." This one the girls go to a baby shower for a former party-hound friend. Seems that being preggers she has retired her beer bong, drunken flashing for motherhood. It seems that Samantha and this woman were at constant odds of who was the better party girl. After this baby shower, Samantha throws a "I don't have a baby-baby shower." So, tonight I will be trying to break into Jay Leno's studio to make my earth shattering announcement that "I am not pregnant!" Because the world is DYING to know! So fucking stupid.

Then the other day I watched something about how Oprah gained 10 (gasp) pounds because when in Africa visiting her school she only ate mashed potatoes. Then the previews for today's show shows her raking a lady that is 89 pounds over the coals because she is suffering from Anorexia. Some of the comments and the tone Oprah uses in this preview is just down right snotty. Makes me want to jump up and scream, "YOUR JUST JEALOUS LIKE THE REST OF US OPRAH!" So her inability to control her eating binges does that warrant someone to talk to her like she is a piece of shit? I think not, so why oh why are we allowing her to talk to this woman in this manner? For Godsake she is not killing babies or raping people, she is killing herself slowly because she is sick. I think so many people have the hierarchy like this now:
  1. Oprah
  2. God

She is a very driven woman, but that did not give her license to be the labeler for our society. Don't you know Howard Stern has that title?


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