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Last February, right after we became parents there was a hot news story that hit our area. A woman who was 7 months pregnant was missing a long with her young son. In the next few days of development, she and her young son and unborn child were found dead. The ex-boyfriend of the woman killed the three of them. There was an accomplice in this case, one who saw the bodies in the back of the vehicle and chose not to do anything about it. I know this person. I worked with this person. I disliked this person from the first time I met him. You can check out some of the news articles at this link. When the story was unfolding I was tuned, when they threw Ron Dodd's photo up there, I felt sick. It was one of those moments where you are like "I never thought I would know of someone like this." I have not seen or spoken to this person for over 10 years, thankfully. But, when we did work together, he always gave me the feeling of, "there is something not right here." His trial was supposed to start this month but now has been pushed back to June. He is facing two counts of tampering of evidence, which holds a maximum of 20 years. He violated his parole during this little stint. So, my guess is that he will have to finish out the 3 years on his former sentence rather than get anything off of these new counts. I just cannot imagine seeing dead bodies and choosing to do nothing. Don't the ghosts of what you saw haunt you?

I have spent the better part of my morning talking to a fellow co-worker about this case. Seems he ran into a former co-worker of ours that still sees Dodd. I asked, why the hell would he do that, doesn't he believe in guilt by association? He stated the same thing, he said "that is what I said." Seems Dodd has an ankle bracelet like Martha Stewart had, and has to be home at 8 PM every night. I just don't think I could ever be with someone or be friends with someone who played any part of a situation like this. The fact of seeing the bodies and not doing anything about it? Why does not even scratch the surface.


At 8:22 PM , Blogger Yeah, him. said...

Why are there so many F-ed up people in this world? what happened to the days of relative normal-ness - the salad days as they were called?

Hawthorne may have talked about little graves in the back yard, but he never talked about elementary school gang rapes on the playground and killing baby mommies and unborn babies and leaving the bodies in the vehicles.

It's time for some happy news.


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