The Ladybugs Picnic

I loved this when I was little and I now sing it to Syd, funny how things never leave, they just get filed away for another time...


At 8:31 PM , Blogger Tacey said...

OK, my mom & I sing this to Moira ALL THE TIME! Usually just the first couple of lines, but now that we've watched your video... we can sing the whole thing to her! My mom said to send you hugs and kisses for this bit of nostalgia, it's one of her FAVORITES!!!!
1 2 3,
4 5 6,
7 8 9,
10 11 12,
ladybugs came,
to the ladybug picnic! : )

At 5:08 AM , Blogger TL said...

You made my day Tace!


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