Ya thought you should wear that out in public?

Yesterday I made another one of my many millon trips to Wal-Mart. If I am ever lost, check Wal-Mart. And I saw not one but two people not shopping together that had on slippers, not the fuzzy ones that for some God forsaken reason people have taken to wearing these out, but the old slippers like this.

I guess the real kicker about this, is that one of these people was a man, but I guess he felt his slipper wearin was OK because he had on a sports team name across the top of the slipper. Uhh, buddy, I don't think so. And the most annoying thing about this, he could not pick up his feet, and he was on every freaking isle I was on and I had to hear the slip slipping of his damn slippers up and down the isles. Slipppp, slipppp, slippp, slippp. I think you get the picture.

Well, it is Friday and the whipping of football has already started. Not only is it in my house, but the town we live in just opened a new high school stadium tonight. We are about 2 miles away from it and you can see the press box from our backyard, and hear the play-by-play. I went out to flip some burgers on the grill and I heard that someone made a first down...

The hillarous thing about this, in our old house we lived right across the street from a high school and we could not hear the game on Friday nights because the stadium is about 1/4 the size of this mega stadium they bulit here. Mind you the high school we lived across the street from was miniscule compaired to the district we live in now that has 3 soon to be 4 high schools. And we live in Texas and along with our Dr. Pepper the state beverage they love them some football in these there parts.


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