Going, Going, Gone

The tooth drama of 2006 I hope to God is over. The long and short of it is that after the consultation on Monday with the other dentist, they could not guarantee that I would not lose the tooth with them treating it. So the other option have it pulled. I went with the latter choice, thinking they would do I get to go back to my regular dentist to have that done and on Monday he had Jury Duty. He saw me on Tuesday and right before I went in I downed two more pain pills that I had been eating like candy over the weekend. Numbing my mouth took longer than the tooth pulling, and it was quite frankly easy and painless. After he pulled it he said, "Oh good thing you opted for this choice, look at the root of the tooth here, it has a cyst on it and this would have kept going on and on until you pulled it, treated or not." So my choice was the right one and all for the low price of $ 100.00, thanks for the $ 50.00 discount Dr. Jack! I think it was the pigs in a blanket I took to them for all the help they gave me the past few days.

Monday night my gum next to my cheek was swollen with an abscess. It was fucking gross, the dentist I saw on Monday said, "Yeah, it would be a lot bigger if you were not on the anti-biotics right now." It finally popped on Monday night and it was disgusting, there was no way in hell I was swallowing that shit, but afterwards the pressure and the throbbing was so much better. When I saw Dr. J that next AM I told him it popped and he said "Felt much better, hun?" Hell yes was my response I think.

And yes, I went straight to work afterwards, I just want my tombstone to read "She was always dedicated to her job, no matter what."

Thursday, I was supposed to leave work at 12 noon for a 1/2 day, I left at 4 PM. But that is OK, never mind that it is 2:32 AM on Friday morning and after two Lunesta to sleep I am awake and getting nervous about flying is always something I tell you.

Pray for Syd to be an angel on the plane please. Benadryl in hand we will be off for our family vacation later this afternoon.

Thank GOD...I need a BREAK!


At 9:35 AM , Blogger Yeah, him. said...

Hopefully things are back to normal... have a great weekend.


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