And a week later...

Yeah, this sucks, still not blogging at work. Might if I get time try and catch up on my reading of blogs...ugh!! Truly by the time I get Syd to bed at night the sound of my pillow calling me is almost more than I can handle. Crawling up the stairs tonight was killing me. Mind you it is 8:32 PM and I am also just now eating my dinner, while I blog.

Auditor was to come in on Monday. 10 AM rolls around don't see an auditor in my office anywhere. Call New York to check on him...he then calls about 3 minutes later, bad weather in the Northeast could not get out, be there tomorrow. Mind you this was the guy that gave me hell about ice and possible snow, yeah same guy. He made it here today, I did hear him on the phone with his kid talking about slugs...glad he is wasting my time to educate them about slugs, if he would come in do his job and leave he could be home to teach the science lesson at home himself.

We are recovering from the first episode of strep throat at our house. Syd came home on Friday with a 103 temp. and Daddy took her to the Dr. I think he was seen around 7 PM. Thank God our doctor fit her in and saw her, I cannot imagine what the weekend would have been like without getting her on the meds sooner. She seems to be recovering fine, still a lot of coughing and nose stuff. But I am walking around hacking every five minutes so it must be something in the air.

I am tired, exhausted, overwhelmed at work and pretty much it seems to be the same shit, different week. The time off for vacation cannot come fast enough. Seems since we are going a week later than normal it just makes it seem further away, but soon we will be on our return plane ride home and we will be moaning and groaning that it will be forever before we get to go next year. Somehow the vacations take forever to get here but my Daughter is growing faster than Barry Bonds on steroids. Something to ponder. Sorry mind is cluttered with baseball, since I do not have the energy to grab the remote I am being held hostage by the Red Sox Nation.

Send in Lifetime STAT!


At 5:02 AM , Blogger Krust said...

Funny stuff Wub. One of these days you'll have to accept the fact that your daughter is a member of Red Sox Nation. She loves her some Big Papi.

Florida can't come soon enough, I agree.

At 7:53 AM , Blogger New Texan said...

Red Sox Nation must control the airwaves!

At 7:32 AM , Blogger Krust said...

Hey, enough with your shitty edict... you need to blog while at work. It's the only way to stay sane.


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