Not liking this reality

I am about to post about something that happened on Sunday. My husband has made a quick post about this on his blog. Ever since all the news came flooding in, it pretty much has occupied my mind and I know has bogged his down with unimaginable sorrow and just the inability to process such horror. On Sunday, after a long weekend of shed building, kid toting and just your random weekend stuff we are jerked back into reality that a co-worker of my husband's has been murdered in her home. At first the information that we were getting was so sketchy and the name of the supposed victim was wrong in the gossip train that was running rampant. By the time the 10:oo news hit the airwaves the victim's name was stated on the report and it was a co-worker of my husband's. I guess we never adapt to death, but one can rationalize an accident to it being "their time to go." But how to you rationalize a murder? A question we often ask ourselves but never in a situation where it can touch you close to home. I never met this woman, but I have listened to my husband speak of her starting on Sunday night, the on-going theme I hear from everyone who knew her was that she was just so nice and sweet and would not ever hurt anyone. She had a long job history with my husband's employer, over 17 years, she was a kind woman. It is so tragic that this family has been robbed of their dear family member.

There has been no news made public in regards to this case, no arrests been made, nothing other than an obit in today's paper. I hope that as this case progresses the news is made public and I hope that they find the killer of this dear woman.


At 2:07 PM , Blogger Stacy said...

What a horrible reality for that family. It really makes you take a good, hard look at your own life and appreciate what you have. My heart goes out to that family. Ugh.

BTW- thanks for visiting my blog and your comments of praise.

At 3:25 PM , Blogger Yeah, him. said...

I don't even know where to begin when F-ed up things like that happen except that hopefully the case will be cracked, justice will be served and the family can come to some understanding and peace with the horror and bullshit of a terrible situation.


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