4 Stars

Back in September no it was August because I was able to tell Bonnie about it, and she died the first weekend in September, so anyway, back in August I won a dinner for 2 at a local 4 star restaurant. Pretty cool prize huh? Yeah, well that is only one part of the prize, the second part of the prize is that in this dinner we are the guests of a Dallas Morning News Food Critic. With how crazy everything has been the past few months we are now getting around to using my prize. So tonight we are off to our dinner, the kiddo will be spending the evening with her Grandparents, we had to practically break their arms to keep her again! Needless to say my Dad is super excited to have another 12 hours to spoil Syd rotten to the core.

I just realized on my way to work, that I have no clothes to wear to this dinner. It is business casual and lucky person that I am, I get to wear jeans to work. I really don't think they want me to saunter in there in my best Levi's. My old business suits don't quite fit very well, thank you Serquil, you make me a balanced person with an extra 12 pounds to carry around. I just don't want to sport the too tight dress pants that look too tight and shitty. So, I am leaving early because I am the boss and I can, and going to attempt to find something nice to wear. This could be fun or it could be a total horror of a trip. I could really get in a shitty mood fast but I am attempting to go at this with an open mind and hope that I fall into the right outfit early on. Then home to get ready with all the preparation that takes. The showering, the shaving, the hair styling, the application of make-up and body moisturizer you know the whole bit. I might need more time than I am planning on, since I have this whole "overhaul" that has to get done. Let's just pray the clothes hunting goes off well...

This week marks the start of Sydney's transition time into the next classroom at her school. She has been spending different blocks of time in the Young Toddler classroom at her school. They must be playing her hard because she has been exhausted when she gets home from school. Her Daddy has been upset because this week when he goes to pick her up she has been not too happy to go home. Glad she loves being there but she is breaking his heart when she throws a fit when he comes to get her. Transition time is hard for me as a parent, it is just more proof that she is growing up. I keep asking her "where my baby is", she just looks at me like "I don't know did you check the trash?" Next college, just watch and see.


At 10:48 AM , Blogger Kim said...

I totally hear you on the shopping for clothes can turn so quickly and be a horrible experience. My size 4 sister doesn't understand why I don't like shopping, to me it is like getting ready for an IVP test on your kidneys.........hah, couldn't pass that up being as I just did it last night.

Anyway, have fun at the dinner and I do hope the shopping goes well. Isn't it nice to do the shower, shave, makeup, hair thing every once in a while when the little ones aren't can take your time and enjoy it a bit!

Miss you tons!

At 11:29 AM , Blogger Krust said...

Getting all dolled up for dinner is just asking for some cool stuff afterwards. Don't forget the thong - don't want panty lines to show! A nice dress with garters would be a perfect complement to the evening festivities.


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