So much drama all for a TV show

Pretty freaking crazy when your blog post is about the first part of the season finale for Grey's Anatomy. Damn that Shonda Rhimes, she is a freaking genius I tell you. I am literally sitting in bed, bolted upright and saying over and over "Oh No, Oh No, Oh No!!!" Scott is laying next to me and he says "OOPS! That's bad!" I was in tears, and I still have to get through tonight's 2 hour season finale. I just read the blog entry on ABC's website by one of the writers. He said that the last scene with Meridith and Derek had words, the one where they were in the elevator. But, Patrick Dempsey said it would play better if the did not have words. I have to say I thought the scene said more than words ever could. Wow! WOW!!! This show I have to tell you, I would give up all my reality crap every TV show I love to watch just for GA if I HAD to. I LOVE this show and am so damn sad I will be waiting till August/September for the beginning of the new season.

Speaking of Drama, Survivor finale was last night, pretty much could pick the winner after I saw who she took to the finals with her. This season was OK, it never really had me hanging like some in the past. This one was different a lot of medical traumas but still no real love/hate relationships. The one guy Shane, he was just weird, freakishly weird!

So, you can see I wrapped up my Mother's Day with the television. I had a fantastic Mother's Day. Scott and I went to the Byron Nelson and the night before went to a party. We were the last couple to leave that evening I think we got in around 1:30 AM. We were kidless for almost 24 hours. It was nice but sad at the same time. It was great to get to pick her up and love all over her. I had a great weekend, which is good because on Friday I was not sure how things were going to transpire. But, I was treated very well by my husband and I really enjoyed the time we had together yesterday, it was just "nice" to be together walking the course and then sitting and watching in some great seats. It was a perfect day. I would love to have another one real soon. I felt like the luckiest Mom around.

Well, people, get ready for massive quantums of tears tonight in GA, I can just feel it. Damn I love that show!


At 12:32 PM , Blogger Kim said...

I so know what you mean about GA, I love it, love it, love it! Can't get enough. I have about 9 of them on TIVO, now I just need a DVD recorder!

I can't wait for tonight's episode, but I have Bible study so it will either be late tonight or tomorrow that I watch.......

Glad you had a wonderful weekend. If you couldn't tell I was already tearing up at the end of my message! :-) Will we ever not do that?

At 12:56 PM , Blogger New Texan said...

I think GA is an interesting show... I watch it, but never pay attention... I like it, but I can't tell you one character's name (other than "Grey" and I can never remember her first name). I found the whole doctor-patient-love thing to be completely un-real, yet I also jumped out of my chair when the other doctor (see?) got shot.

At 8:20 PM , Blogger TL said...

See Steve, even a show so written for the woman in mind can throw you a twist here and there to even shock the men out there. I really have to give it to Scott he has been great about GA, he will watch each one with me and sit and pass me tissues as I cry. What a great guy he is!

At 5:41 AM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

I haven't seen it--I'm a dork when it comes to TV. I've been jerked around by getting interested in a show only to have it yanked part-way through the second season or whatever so now I hardly ever commit to anything until it's been on three years or more and then I have to try to do all this's really not that efficient a system and everyone I know is watching GA right now and I feel all left out and'd think I'd learn my lesson, huh?

Hope you made it through the finale without needing to send Scott out for a box of tissues!


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