People who want to wish me Happy Your a Motherfucker Day

Yeah, I got them lined up all over hating my ass right now.

  1. The Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages Guy.
  2. The lady in A/P that I yelled at yesterday about the 3K I needed ASAP. Yeah, she sent the check on the 27th of April, funny not here! Funny, went and picked the funds up today, funny funny the check she MAILED, was one of the ones we got. Fuuuunnnyyyyy! Fucker.
  3. And then the guy that I called about a JANUARY invoice that he still has open. Spoke to him on the 27th, he informed me "I am in the middle of a closing can I call you right back?" Still waiting, he mailed the check on the 10th and we did get it today, but his comment, sorry it is so late, but well it is what it is. And your an Ass, I so wanted to say but I can't. I just do not conduct myself that way. I say it AFTER I get off the phone.
  4. And the guy with the temp company we use that called again this is the 2nd call about an invoice I PAID. I asked the last time someone called to audit our account because I do not have time to do THEIR accounting too, I have my own business to run.
  5. And my employee that I asked last week that was sitting on his ass doing NOTHING and I asked him to go and empty the trash in our kitchen at work. He walked away laughing at me, needless to say, he emptied the trash.
  6. The guy that was behind me on my way to work today and I did not proceed through the light fast enough for him, instead of the light honk, he honked and laid on his horn until he turned the corner. If I was on my A-game, I would have sat through the light after behavior like that and made his honking ass wait. I had not had coffee yet, so I was a bit off this morning.

Let's just say, it has been a banner of a day.


At 2:10 PM , Blogger Sabrina said...

OMG I'm busting up at your last two posts. How funny. Fucking bastards! LOL Hope you have a great Mother's Day!

At 8:22 PM , Blogger Yeah, him. said...

Some people should get out of the gene pool immediately.

Maybe you should contact Hallmark about this holiday. They need to know... there are a lot of motherfuckers out there.


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