Conversation I just had

I just had this conversation with someone who called.

Sales person: Hello, I am looking for the person who makes the decision about the yellow pages ad.

Me: That would be me.

Sales Person: And your name?

Me: Tawny

Sales Person: Well, Tana is it, and what is your position? Manager? Hello, my name is ______ and you make the decisions about the yellow pages ad?

Me: It's Tawny, and yes I do. I am the office manager and we do not want any ad in the yellow pages.

Sales Person: Oh Tawny, and how do you spell that?

Me: T.A.W.N.Y.

Sales Person: Well Tawny, I do need to confirm the information we have in our free listings section of the yellow pages. Is the business name __________ located at __________and phone number of _______________?

Me: Yes, that is correct. (I always want to say, you dialed this number right? So it MUST be correct, but I always think of this too late!)

Sales Person: And what is this other number ____________ that we have listed on the account, the number is not listed in the directory but what exactly is that number?

Me: That is our metro number.

Sales Person: Oh, yes, that number is listed on your account. We have your company listed under this sub-heading________, would this still be correct?

Me: Yes.

Sales Person: I see here in the past your company did at one time have an ad in the yellow pages. Why have you decided not to continue to advertise in the yellow pages? Since you no longer advertise with us you all are eligible for multiple discounts.

Me: We have found that the RIF (return on investment..see my management classes are paying off!) is not to our satisfaction. We do not get a big enough return for the investment we have had to make.

Sales Person: Ahh, I see. Well, you know our book that was published in January went out to over 250,000 businesses in the DFW area from Kaufman to McKinney and this book stays the their offices and allows you to be in contact with them with your ad. I would love to set a time to come out and meet with you and show you the ads that we offer and what some look like.

Me: No we are not interested, like I said the cost does not outweigh the benefit for our company and we just are not willing to justify that type of loss again.

Sales Person: Well, we have graphs that show how businesses that advertise with us have benefited from our ads.

Me: I am sure that you do, but like I said we are not interested.

Sales Person: Well, I have a graph right here, for __________, do you know them? They have advertise with us for over 15 years .

Me: Good for them, but like I said we are not interested, good bye.

At that point I finally hung up.

Why at that point? The name he dropped in the conversation......our 1# competitor. Homey don't play that. Don't name drop our competitor if your trying to sell something., I will hang up on you and smile while doing it. Never mind the whole time I am talking to him he is so condescending. Plus, I don't know about your business, but we NEVER use the yellow pages. We get them and throw them in the trash. Internet Buddy.

I thought about trying to call back and find his boss, and tell him next time he decides to name drop, he might not want to go about it in this manner.


At 7:20 AM , Blogger Kim said...

What is crazy. What an idiot You have so much patience to continue talking to him in such a professional manner an not blow your top!

At 9:08 AM , Blogger New Texan said...

Interesting... that is a sales gimmick that I use sometimes though... "oh really, you are not interseted in our services... that is interesting because your competitors are saving a bunch of money on their litigations costs with us..."

It doesnt always work, but it tends to get their attention.

At 7:53 PM , Blogger Jen said...

I get these kind of calls all the time. Mine usually go like this:

Them: Hi. This is Buffy with the YZ Map company. Is this Jennifer?

Me (with voiced forboding): Yes.

Them: I just wanted to update your information for the new edition of XYZ Maps. Are you still located at 600 South Bon-ham (they ALWAYS say this wrong) in MEX-EE-AH?(They ALWAYS say that really wrong).

Me (thinking they're idiots since we're a hospital and we're not in the practice of up and moving it around every year): Yes. I'm not interested. Call me next year. Thanks.

Them: Can I ask wh----(CLICK... that's me hanging up on the bloodsucking vampires.)


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