Always at the worst time

Friday night my parents were over, we had some dinner, they played with their Granddaughter, Dad and Scott worked on the shed that they have been building. I am sitting in the living room with Sydney, Mom, and the Dogs. I glance down a Millie, my 12 year old Pug. She has some goop or as we call it eye boogers in her eye. Normal for the Pug breed, like all the other characteristics that my dear husband hates about them. I go to wipe it out and Holy Shit the eye looks like utter hell. I grab her put her on the kitchen counter to get a better look. It is just caked with goo, and swollen looking, it is draining into her nose area because her nose is clogged with goo on the same side. I freak. I try and clean her off, grab the antibiotics that I have for the dogs and give her one dose. Of course it is 8:30 on a Friday night and the vet is closed. Yes, I could go to the 24 hour one but the one that is closest to our house, well they just suck. I have had a few instances with them and I hate them, they should be closed down, twice they have raped me for treatment that I have to go to my regular vet to have re-diagnosed and corrected. They just suck and writing and telling them so does nothing.

So, early yesterday morning, Millie and I head out to the vet at 7:30 am. We make the long drive to the vet that I just love, they are no fancy place they mainly cater to low income families, and they care like you would not believe. It is not the Ritz but let me tell you, my boy Pug Bucky almost died on me due to massive kidney stones. It was severe, they had him for about a full month in treatment at the vet and I paid, $ 1100.00. I paid $ 350.00 for the emergency visit the first time this was an issue and all they did was pass a catheter through him. He was in severe treatment at the vet for a month and had several surgeries. Needless to say he is known quite well at the vet.

Back to Millie sorry! So, we go and they first tell me she has glaucoma and it is an emergency and she needs to go to the eye clinic in Dallas, ASAP. Then they bring in the other vet to have a look and they re-asses the situation and then diagnose her with dry eye. We are now on drop treatment twice a day for the remainder of her life, but hell 12 yr old pug and this is the first eye issue we have, she is killing the odds on this one! So, after the eye stain, the drops to numb the eye to test her pressure, and her vaccinations, kill two birds there! We are home and hopefully her eye will get better soon. It seems a bit better and she can still see but the irritation has really got it angry looking. I am praying all works out for the best for her. Since I was in dog mode I then bathed all three of them yesterday and took my Dremel to the toe nails and all three had a day of beauty. I am still sore from bathing three dogs in the backyard. But they are some clean looking and fancy foot lookin' dogs right now.

Of course I have been through the , I neglect the dogs so bad now because I have a child and feel like shit. I swear it is always something that makes me feel like I am running from one place to the next trying to cover all the bases and I just cannot do it all. It fucking sucks.

Been to Costco this morning, had to stock up on Yogos and fruit chew snacks for the husband and the kid. I had to get coffee creamer for work, it should be a food group, coffee should be a food group I have decided. I just cannot function without coffee. On the way to the vet, I had to stop for coffee, thank God for the doughnut place that has the drive thru for coffee and donuts for the vets office.

Enjoy the extra day off from work, I am loving every minute of it!


At 7:51 PM , Blogger Kim said...

OH, poor Millie! I hope she is doing better and it isn't too serious.

At 7:56 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

It's no wonder you need caffeine and sugar to make it through days like that! :)

At 8:33 AM , Blogger New Texan said...

i hope your pooch is OK!


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