The Eagle has Landed


Take that as a HUGE sigh of relief. I have for the past 30 days, not that I have been counting or anything but, been in charge of the company I work for. Running the whole shooting match, all of it on my shoulders. Yes, pardon me I am going to gloat and become big headed for a moment. My Boss and his Wife left on the 1st of May and were in Zambia, in South Africa. Out in the bush, hunting big game, letting me stretch my management muscle for 30 days. And I have to say, I would say I passed with flying colors. We had a huge month in sales, the place did not burn down in flames, financially we are better than we have been in a few years and I held my shit together. I chose not to say anything on the blog just because I never know who is reading and it is not the best business sense to let it all hang out at times. After the fact watch out but during the time, I just felt it was best to keep it close to the cuff. Amazingly it was not as hard or taxing as I was expecting.

So, I did it and I am damn proud. Along those lines I have to give props to my husband for putting up with my ass for the past 30 days. Many times coming home late, (that is beginning to be the norm anyway), and just my mental exhaustion after the workday has made me into a pretty useless person most evenings. After playing Mommy for a few hours I was lucky to be able to put sentences together at times. It went well though, I feel when the time arises and he leaves again, (and it will happen), I will know it will not kill me and I have done it before so I can do it again. There were issues mind you but nothing that I could not handle, at times I just had to take a baseball bat and beat the hell out of the well oiled machine that could run itself but would jackup on me at times. (Metaphorically speaking that is.)

Secondly, today on the way to work I had to take Millie back to the vet. Her eye is worse, to the point of having an ulcer on the eye now. Not uncommon but also not good. After the exam the Dr. said probably what would be best would be for them to do a conjuctival flap, where they take the 3rd eyelid and sew it up to cover the ulcer to help it heal. I told him to do it, I am familiar with this from a former friend having major eye issues with her Boston Terrier. I got a call about an hour ago that once they put her under and they were able to look at the eye better that they felt due to the dry eye and the lack of moisture issues the conjunctival flap would probably not be the best option. The Dr. said that they can use a glue on the ulcer to help it heal and since she is having moisture issues covering the eye probably would only make it worse. Right now we are just trying to save the eye. The vision is just about gone in the eye, and in all likelihood she is going to lose the eye. It is killing me. It is very upsetting to think that she will be a one eyed dog. Mind you I know so many pugs that are one eyed, it is a risk of the bug eyed breed dog. And I am lucky that she has gone 12 years without any eye issues, many dogs have them from the very beginning. She is such a good dog, she has been wonderful during my stints of doctoring her eye. She sits and lets me wash it out and apply the medicine without fighting it. It just makes me sad to know that she is hurt. So, keep her in you thoughts please!

On a heart melting moment, last night when I put Sydney down for bed, I was patting her tummy getting her to settle down. She was singing ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, like she does when she is getting ready to go to sleep. I looked down at her and stroked her cheek and told her "I love you." She looked at me and said "Wuv you." That was the award winning moment of the day. It just made my world complete. It spoke volumes because it was the first time she said it back to me without being prompted to say "I love you."

Scott has worked his tail off the past few weekends. Between getting the house in order (still!) and building the shed and mowing the largest lawn in the world, well that is what he is saying! He should get more props than he does from me. Mind you, feed the tiger and he will attack...at least that is the way he is with me. I quote me crawling into bed last night at 8:30 PM and he coming in and saying, "You can't go to bed yet, I have new moves to put on you!" My answer of "yeah right, not gonna happen." Was countered by him saying "You haven't even seen them yet, they might be really good!" At that point I think I rolled my eyes. Sweet boy, and the sex drive of a 16 year old. Too bad he is married to an 85 year old woman.


At 7:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for your unsurprising managment talent. Yea you! Positive thoughts to Milliepug. I LMAO at the 16-yr old vs 85-yr old comment. Heart melts to the wuv you... it only gets better.

At 5:25 AM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

Sorry to hear about Millie. I'm a big fool for pets so she's definitely got all my good wishes this week.

Syd and the "wuv you" thing--so precious!

And the sex drive of a 16-year-old married to an 85-year-old? That sounds vaguely familiar. The other day I stopped home from work to grab something I'd forgotten. Being a smart ass, I said to Hubby, "I got fired."

He said, "Cool! Wanna go to bed?" Tell the truth, though, it's kinda cute, right? :)

At 6:22 AM , Blogger TL said...


Thanks!!! It is funny how they will do something that melts your heart and the next day they seem to be the terror from the great beyond!!

I think I aged 10 more years to 95-yrs old!


Thanks for the good thoughts for Millie, she is hanging in there, she figured out how to eat with the cone on, it is funny but I try not to laugh while she is in the room.

Does your husband know mine and are they trading secrets? And it is cute.

At 7:41 AM , Blogger Krust said...

85, 95, 145... I don't care. I still want to see you naked and touch that cute little butt.


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