Is it vacation yet?!

Today is Monday and I am so ready for it to be Wednesday. I am ready for the house smelling of turkey, greenbean casserole, and pie. I am ready to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. For some reason I am so in love with this parade. I think it goes back to when I was little and I remember watching it with my Dad. Every Thanksgiving still my Dad will ask if I watched the parade. Yes, I did and I loved every minute of it. I think this year Syd will get a huge kick out of it. Even if she doesn't I still will. So, with all this activity work is just not fitting into my schedual. I want to be home, prepping for the big day. Getting my oven fired up, mixing and blending. I am ready.

Last night while I was watching TV I told Scott I should have just taken the whole week off. Of course this brainstorm hits and it is too late to do so. Plus on Wednesday I am hoping to send my office staff home as soon as they are done with their work. I figure I can hold things down until 5. You can tell things are slowly shutting down, the phone is quite and most people are already out for the week. Pretty much from this point till the 2nd week of January most construction offices will be running with not many employee's.

New things this week Sydney has graced our house with:

When asking her what she would like to have for dinner she has stated: "Chocolate Cake!" and then she told my Mother last week that she wanted "Pizza Pie!" for dinner. Where the hell she got chocolate cake, I have no clue, but we like the way that she is thinking!

No running in our house. If you run Baby Hitler will tell you "No running Mommy, use walky feet." Walky feet?! yeah that is what I said too. She yelled at the little boys at the breakfast place we were at yesterday that were running. "No running boys! Walky feet!"

Yesterday it was National No Pants Day. Sydney decided that she did not want to wear pants. Thank goodness this was after we were home from breakfast. You know, you really have to pick your battles and this one, she was allowed to win. What the hell, so she ran around in a shirt and a diaper until my parents came over. Then she wanted to go outside, so we were able to bribe her into wearing pants. All day long it was "No pants" when you asked if she would like to wear them.

If you lay down on the couch, she will come over look into your face and say "Wake up Mommy" Scott informs me she does this a lot. I have not layed down on the couch for months until last week, and then I got the wake up Mommy.

When did 21 month olds get so damn bossy?


At 4:54 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

Don't worry, she'll soon understand that a well-rested mommy is in everyone's best interest. ;)


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