Booed twice

So, in our new neighborhood the booing has begun. This is where you buy candy and goodies and put it in a Halloween bag and leave it on your fellow neighbors doorstep. We were booed last weekend and I finally booed the two people I was to do as passing it forward. This morning Scott comes in and tells me, we were booed again. The funniest thing of it all, we have a sign in our window that says we have been booed and the stuff that I printed off with my booed pass along bags, made it right back to my house. The stuff I printed up and everything...not the candy or the bag though, my artwork and my instructions...very funny. We are so damn cool we were booed twice.

So, well, whatelse? Scott and I had our weekend away from the kiddo. It was good, got some good Christmas shopping done and it was just nice to be he and I again. I did feel like a piece of my heart was missing though. Scott's Mom has been in town to see us and the new house. She leaves tomorrow and it has been a very quick visit. It breaks my heart to have to see her tell Sydney goodbye. I wish I could make the miles between upstate NY and Texas decrease, so seeing one another was only a twice a year thing. It has been nice to have her hear, she is a great person to talk to and to hear Syd say Ganma is too cute. Thanks to her Sydney will be a cowgirl this year for Halloween. The pink cowboy boots have become a staple in this house and seeing how she is funny about somethings she wears, I do not see the costume thing working this year. This works best for everyone involved. And keeps Mommy sane and really that is the MOST important thing in the whole picture.

I have slaved myself even more to my job. I have been blackberried. It well, it is nice to be out of the office and still be able to conduct business via e-mail, but Friday when I took off early to spend time with my MIL and Scott, e-mailing in JC Penney's can get a bit old fast. It is a good thing though...I think?

Well, end of another weekend. Before you know it, we will be carving turkey and the carols will be playing all over the freaking place. I think Wal-Mart will be putting out the Valentine candy tomorrow since Halloween is in two days...seems right don't you think?


At 5:45 AM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

So glad you enjoyed your time with Scott.

The Blackberry thing? Don't you think we're thisclose to having them implant crap directly into our head so we can work every single second of the day--awake, asleep, it won't matter? :)

At 7:42 PM , Blogger Little Miss said...

booed twice, isn't it nice to be loved??

and it's nice to get away, sometimes it's a good feeling to be "homesick" for your kids.

and yes, christmas is ALL OVER target now. the DAY after Halloween.

At 1:49 PM , Blogger Jen said...

I received my first corporate Christmas card today. I kid you not.
Of course, it was a promotion to get me to buy their christmas product, but still. It's wrong. Let's celebrate thanksgiving first. And let's not start that until next week. Or even the week after.


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