Well, well again...and the Man wears PANTIES

Some could say it would jinx me to say that we are all well in this house now. Yeah, last week I just could not stand it anymore and I had to reduce myself to outside medical help. Seems that all the medication that we had called in would not do the trick that one shot in the ass could. Steroid and antibiotics followed up with some massive antihistamine to dry up all the crap that was overflowing from my nose. Yeah pretty picture huh?

So, well house of three what next. Scott and I will be taking our first trip away from the Sydney this weekend. Yes, please pass the trophy for worst Mom in the world right on over. I know she will have a blast and probably never even know we were gone nor care, because the world revolves around Pop-Pop and Gan-Gan as she calls my Mom. Yeah, she has not opted when they are around to chanting No-No Momma No-No Daddy. Daddy and Pop-Pop went to pick her up from Daycare last week and she cried when she saw Scott, she only wanted Pop-Pop. Kinda hits you right in that soft spot huh? And Poor Scott if she is made to chose between the two of us, well according to her status he can go sit next to the "BIG POOP" as she likes to say in the back yard that the dogs have left. Yeah, she can really kick her Daddy in the crotch. Looks like a Tawny in the making.

UPDATE: Last week, finally my brainwashing has taken hold. Scott and I were folding laundry and I was folding his boxers. He stated give me those panties, yes speaking of his boxers. I think this comes from my continual programming of Syd to say Daddies Panties. Ahh, it was pure joy and fucking funny as hell. Yeah, I pull that one out here and there just to see him cringe again and again. It really never gets old.

Lets see, what else to tell...Besides the fact that I am finally feeling like my old self again, nothing much else to share.

Syd is amazing and so damn smart. She is now signing all of her colors and counts to 10. Mind you the numbers 3 & 4 are very over rated. So much so that we count 1, 2, 5,6,7,8,9,10, and you have to say TEN and then clap. We clap a lot in this house. About the smallest thing and the biggest, like when Daddy scooped the poop in the back yard. BIG POOP, yeah she is hilarious. Why are kids so fascinated about poop?

Tonight she was singing "I hungry" over and over at the table and dancing in her chair. Yeah, it was great.

And we also have the tantrums, but I am feeling good and I don't want to focus on that right now.

OK weekend without the kid. I do not remember my life before that. Did I HAVE a life before Motherhood?

Nope, I say not.


At 3:46 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...


Hey that obsession with size comparisons? When Son-One was about three he came up to me while I was changing Son-Three's diaper and we shared the following conversation:

SO: Son-Three has a little penis.
M: Yep.
SO: I have a big penis.
M: Yep.
SO: Dad has a big, giant penis.
M: Yep.
SO: Son-Two has a little, giant penis.

Who knew that so much of parenting was going to be struggling to keep a straight face? :)

At 11:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend. You will be fine.

I nearly fell over the first time Ellie referred to Mike's boxers as Daddy's Panties. He tried to correct her, but I pushed her to continue the term. It stuck. Woohoo!

At 2:04 AM , Anonymous n!ta said...

hahahahaha! panties! hahahahaha

At 10:05 AM , Blogger TL said...


I am still laughing at this, a week after you posted this. You should blog about this...

Oh God this is funny!


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