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Yes still alive and kicking, the New Year is well into it's 16th day and I still feel like I am running in circles. Let's see all the thing the first 16 days of the New Year has provided:

Potty training....check
Bad weather, i.e. ice...check
No sleep...check
Stress and regular daily concerns....check check and check!

So the new year blows in and a friend of mine, her Mother passed away on New Year's Eve. In regards to my friend a former co-worker I went to the services. Not prepared for the visitation and for some reason thinking that she was cremated, and walk in and their she is in her casket. So not ready for that, remember this will be my 2nd in my lifetime funeral. The whole gravesite service did not click the dim light in my mind to make the realize that there would not be cremation. Duh!

Syd has moved into the next classroom at her school. She is in early pre-school now. And the transition has been non-existent, meaning she has not had any transition issues at all. Mommy as usual cried as she has moved up again. Almost 2 and it is killing me each day that passes she moves past being my little baby. Talk about ripping your heart out of your chest.

Ice, ice baby. Yeah we had ice, it sucked, we stayed home and it is still ungodly cold and I HATE it. So freaking cold outside. There is a good reason why I live in the South and this is not it.

Work, stress, life, stress pretty much all of that is the same ol shit.

My Grandfather that has yet to meet Syd is about 10 hours away from us now. Hopefully in the next two days or so he will arrive. I have not seen him since about this time two years ago, at the time I was very pregnant and just ready for the new baby bliss. Soon to be hit with the new baby what the fuck am I supposed to do with this now syndrome. In fact Syd has a another cold with the whole booger parade and even her Dr today stated that she cannot believe how fast she is growing. Yeah, I heard a baby in the other exam room crying and it did seem like yesterday. But I think last year I was saying the same damn stuff. So fast forward 18 years and I will probably be saying the same stuff over and over. I don't think it will ever get easer I think each year is harder.

But, we get a petting zoo for a birthday party this year....so much more fun than last year!!!!!!

This still does not make it better for Mommy....


At 5:36 AM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

Good to hear you're still kicking--it sounds like you've had a full coupla weeks. When the new year starts out like that, don't you wonder where it's going?


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