Two cakes, 4 twizzlers, pizza, hot wings and water

And I wonder why my pants are tight...

No, I did not eat ALL of this. I made two cakes tonight. I guess it was my final "fling" in my current kitchen. An employee at work has a birthday tomorrow and since he gave me a huge gift certificate for Christmas since he had my name for the gift exchange and at Valentine's Day he gave each of the women in the office gift certificates to Bath and Body Works, I figured he was worth the effort in making a cake for him. Only one slight problem, the cake I wanted to make him I did not have the recipe.

When we were out of town a few weeks ago, my Aunt made this chocolate cake that was to die for. I mean it was so damn good she made two of them in like 2 days. We were eating cake like it was the "other" food group, hell it was the whole damn food pyramid or trapazoid or circle whatever it is this week. So, yes I know call or e-mail to get the recipe, easier said than done. She and her Husband both are Pastor's, this besides the Christmas Holiday season is the busiest in the Church year. Probably busier than during the Christmas Season, having services on Wednesday night along with the other various classes that they teach, attend, and participate in, plus office work and weddings, deaths and to be parents to two boys who are VERY involved in sports, they are BUSY. So, if they are home and together I really do not like taking time away from their time together. But, I broke down and called while I was sitting in the Albertson's parking lot. I knew from some of the recipes I looked at I was on the right track with what I had but a few things were missing still.

So, I got the recipe and headed into the store, then ran to my parents house to get two cake bundt pans, got home, ran to the neighbors to see the dog that they had lost and then again found, came back home, played with Syd, changed her clothes, got her ready for bed and started on the first cake. It was in the oven before she headed to bed, then at 9 PM I was starting to bake the second one. This blog entry was started while waiting for the 2nd cake to cool to plop out onto a plate before I crawled into bed. Now it has become a long ass entry continued on the 10th.

When I did finally crawl into bed I then could not sleep, I flicked through the channels seeing that Barry Manilow had a concert on PBS. I am a Fanalow, for you "Will & Grace" fans out there. I think the is very talented. My Husband on the other hand has to keep pointing out that he is gay. Guess what, women do not care about that. I saw Barry about 11 years ago with my ex-husband. He was a Fanalow too. It was a great show. Last night on the portion of the show from Vegas I watched he sang "I Write the Songs", and everyone's all time fav "Copacabana" GREAT SONG! I forgot how much I loved "I Write the Songs" too. I think I am going to have to find a Barry's Greatest Hits CD for my player. I know Scott is reading and saying "There is no such thing!!!" But even he will admit that Barry does the old Christmas songs justice with his crooning.

But, I have to say the crowd was mainly "house fraus" as Scott would say, and most of the dancing was done by gay white men in their late 20's early 30's. I did see one guy in the front row that looked like he would rather be dead than at the concert with the women and the men both singing as loud as their voices would allow them. He looked to be in his early 20's and ready to die from the cameras around him, so not wanting any proof he was at "this" concert.

Have you ever seen the catalog titled "Solutions"? They have some pretty interesting stuff and I have purchased a few things from them here and there. But, I saw this yesterday. I truly think this is the dumbest thing ever. A long reaching tool to catch and release spiders. Because a broom, or shoe, or baseball bat, or anything else that you could use to beat the hell out of the spider would be uncalled for? I think PETA is behind this "tool". Some tool invented this tool.


At 8:43 AM , Blogger Krust said...

Yeah, I saw that Fairy Maniblow was on TV last night and knew that you would be tuned. The only way I would go to a fag and frau fest concert like that is if I was assured that I would be scoring heavily and often when we got home. I look forward to eating that cake. Naked.

At 11:28 AM , Blogger Sabrina said...

I think that cabana song was done by a dude on American Idol a few weeks ago and he was voted off. No one liked the way he did it I guess!

The cake sounds good although I think all cake is good. Spider catcher thing is a waste of money. It probably doesn't even work. It looks to be meant for the people scared of spiders but I can see the spider fall right through onto their head. HA! That would be funny.

At 2:57 PM , Blogger Kim said...

i LOVE cake. I mean I can not express how much I love cake. I don't think I have ever turned down a piece. In fact, my sister and I like it so much she sent me two cake mixes and two frostings for my bday while I was prego. The box was covered in ants when I got home to pick it up!

I have something along the lines of the spider catcher. My Dad sent it to me. It doesn't catch them though, it fries them, to a crisp. You can even hear it and sometimes smell it if they are big enough. Speaking of the spider frier, I really need to go through my boxes and find it, it would come in super handy out here in the boonies!


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