A day as one of the boys

Today I had the pleasure of going fishing with four other men I work with. The owner of the company I work for scheduled a guided fishing trip on Lake Texoma. I got up this morning at 4 am and got ready to go. I met another one of the guys at our office and we headed down the highway. I returned home at around 8:15 pm. The day on the lake was great. The fishing was good, not great. Hit our limit of over 20" fish early in the day. Filling the cooler with the remainder of our under 20" limit was a little harder and we never reached the 50 fish limit. I think we had close to 40 if not over though. It was a great work function. The other great thing was that I was with people that I work with but have not had time to be around outside of work. It was nice to have some outside of work time to just chill. Plus the people I supervise were not on this trip so I could be myself and not have to keep my "I am a boss face" on the whole time. These people are co-workers and I don't have to jump in their shit all the time. Plus many of these guys come to me to get my opinion on issues and we work out company issues together. In fact I got a call last night around 7:00 pm about an issue. I told the person I was talking to the way I would handle it and the reasons why. He in the end did what I said I thought he should do in the situation and it looks like that helped diffuse a potentially explosive situation.

So, today I spent the day bobbing up and down on a boat. Pulling in fish and driving all over the freaking lake chasing fish. It was just one of those days out there. It was a good day. But, maybe the highlight of my day, hearing my boss, the owner of the company say "O.K. Tawny, turn your head I gotta take a piss off the side of this boat."


At 2:46 AM , Blogger nita said...

where did you pee?!

At 2:26 PM , Blogger TL said...

Luckly, I did not have to pee while we were on the boat. They did ask if I needed to stop during our trip out but I was fine. I pretty much make sure that when I am on the boat I am not the reason we have to stop because I would never hear the end of it.


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