Strange phone calls, no insurance and sick again

I just got a phone call from my employee who got 3 days off no pay for coming into work late. I was asked if they still got to come back tomorrow or was this my way of getting rid of them. Whack-O! I told them yes that they still got to come back and I was told again, that the tardiness was not done on purpose (Who the fuck comes to work late on purpose?) And I said, does not matter, at some point you have to be an adult. And I wanted to add " do what is required to fulfill your job requirements, LIKE SHOW UP ON TIME!!!" Each day I come to work the more and more I realize I am a fucking genius.

My realtor told me something at closing on Monday. I keep having this conversation run through my head. He said he read a book and the opening line in the book was "Good is the evil of great." This so goes back to my theory that just doing what is required and a half ass job at that is becoming the norm for society. I know, I know I go off on this a lot. I don't know why this is such a freaking hump for me. I guess because I know that I always give more than 100% in everything that I take pride in and know that others are just skating by with a half-assed job and still sitting pretty and not worried about it like I am. I will worry myself to death if I think I did not do my best. Others could give a rats-ass and go on with life. So not my way of living but might be healthier to me.

Yes, I am sick again. My voice is back to the deep raspy thing I had right before vacation. I wish it would stay or go, but pick one damn it! My throat hurts, again, I feel tired as hell and well it is just becoming a way of life.

I called yesterday, we have AAA as our home and auto insurance company. Yes they sell insurance now too. I canceled our homeowners policy since we do not own the home any more. We need renters insurance for 18 days. I asked can I get a policy for renters insurance since we still have our belongings in the house. Mind you this is the same company when they got on the phone said "Thank you for being a AAA customer for 3 years." After my hold time, I get the answer of "No, we will not write a renters policy for such a short period of time." I said so, even though I do not own the home the homeowners policy is null and void now if we had a claim, and you will now not allow me to buy renters insurance for a month until we move into the new home. How about writing a rider on the homeowners policy stating that the policy is good for 18 days while we rent the property. I mean shit I will pay for the coverage. I just want my shit covered. No dice, no coverage offered to me because it is such a short period of time. Two months is also too short as well. Seeing how I will be living with my parents for a month could I just buy renters for 2 months? Nope.

Mind you, once I get all the shit into the storage unit I can buy some po-dunk insurance for our shit. Here is the real kicker, I am told "But please call us back when you get into your new home so we can write coverage for the new dwelling." Yeah, fat fucking chance that is going to happen buddy. I am jerking all my policies from them. I was doing this anyway once we got into the new home but now it really seals the deal. I had to call them today about our auto policy, seems that the VIN # on my husbands car has been incorrect on their records for over a year. Our lien holder called because what AAA had provided them was not matching their records. I tell you, these people are SMART. They need to stick to the travel industry. Obviously insurance is beyond their capabilities.

Why do I have to deal with dumbass people when I am sick. My patients are even less apparent when I am sick. I am a very polite person when dealing with people. I think I have good communication skills. I am pretty clear in what I am trying to get across, I am nice and not at all as brash as I come across. Although I have moments where I lose control and can become a "bitch". But it is only because I have been pushed into this reaction.

I still have not sent out thank you cards for our Christmas gifts. I am a schmuck. I am working on thank you's for Sydney's birthday gifts. I do have the cards bought just not written or addressed. Kim, Little Man's birthday present has now made it to my office. If I turn to my left I can see it. Maybe it will magically make it to your house before he turns 2! Mind you I have had his gift since the first of DECEMBER....he has been 1 for almost 3 months now!!!!!!

And now a challenge for you all out there. Mainly for my two Sorority Sisters that I know read my blog. I offer you this during the Lenten Season. I am starting my walk today when I get home. And Kim, I am holding you accountable here....just cause I love you that much. So people if you are up to it hop to it and walk 80 miles with me in the next 6 weeks. And with this I am out, a very somber Ash Wednesday to you all.


At 5:53 PM , Blogger nita said...

here's a suggestion that will make you want to punch me in the face - but you might use it:

when you are writing out invitations *and i know you do, write out those cute little 'it's a party in my pants' invites*, write out an envelope for the thank you right then.

:) you know you love me. how on earth do you think i get so much done whilst drunk off my ass 5 days a week?!

At 6:05 AM , Blogger TL said...


Your so damn smart! Great idea. This year I was so bad, I never wrote out an invite for Syd's 1st birthday. I did an evite and e-mailed the thing out to everyone. Time got past me and well, I guess lazyness got the best of me. Thank you for the useful tip!!! I will use this in the future!

At 7:55 AM , Blogger Okgirl Speaks said...

Okay, I just found your blog and I must say this: You Rock!

At 8:02 AM , Blogger TL said...

OKgirl: You made my day. Thanks :-)

At 9:23 AM , Blogger Krust said...

When's the party in your pants hon? I'll be there. Should I wear a hat? I'll leave a little present for ya...

Oh sorry. I think I missed the point entirely. I couldn't get past the "party" part.

Love you always!


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