Well, we are back from vacation. The vacation was fantastic, coming home was sad, going back to work sucked it would be anything but. First thing of business I had to contend with was giving an employee 3 days off for being an hour and 5 minutes late the 2nd day I was out of the office. I normally am not such a hardass, but this has become habit and my paper trail started months ago. I am following through on my last reprimand....sometimes I just hate my job. This would be one of those moments. I never could dive into anything deep today because I had to leave early, we closed on our current home.

So, now we have no home, we are renters of our former house, until the 17th of March. Signed all the papers needed, you know the drill. I have officially sold my first home I ever bought. I am so damn sad about it. I don't know what it is, I am just very emotionally attached to this house. The new home is huge and will be beautiful but I am so damn attached to this one. Scott proposed to me in the hallway of this house. This was our first home with our child, Sydney will never remember this house. This is the first adult thing I did in my life. It is such a part of me, I wish I could keep it forever. I know the next one will give us much more joy and memories but letting this one go is hard.

Besides that, I have a shitload of packing to get done, and I have to find time to catch up on all of my blog buddies lives. I missed the blogs while I was gone. I hated checking my mail because one e-mail would take up 45 min of my time while I was gone. I did get a break from work and that is the best thing of all. A break to dive right back in.


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