This is my kick in the crotch...

When you are building a new home and you read headlines like this, it pretty much translates into kicking me in the nuts...if I had nuts. I keep thinking it could be worse, it could be 10%, but we are right NOW in the time where we can lock our rate for free. This is the week that we could even start thinking about doing it without paying. Motherfuckers....I guess if I can get 6.75% I will be happy, that is what we have now and hell I was not expecting lower really. but to read that last week they were a lot lower than where they are now, really can make you feel like you have a brick in your stomach. Because I am not worried about anything, I mean the new and bigger house note is not scaring the shit out of me...REALLY. What is the worse that could happen, we have to live in a cardboard box on the side of the road? Gee, that is not THAT bad...really.

It is 1:46 PM here and I am still drinking coffee. This day is going a lot faster than I had planned.

Sydney has finally allowed those of us who live with her the opportunity to hear her other animal sounds in her Repertoire . Mind you I got a note in her bag last week that said after circle time that the teacher sat with her and they read "What the Animals Say" and the teacher said she identified them all along with their sounds. The only sounds we get out of her are Moo and Baa. Yesterday while she was home with Daddy we got Hoo, Hoo, Hoo for what the monkeys say. Everyday when I get home, parts of our conversation consist of me asking "Sydney what does the cow say?", then I get the Moo...and "Sydney what does the sheep say?" Then I get the Baa. Awhile ago I asked what the sheep said and she screamed, yes screamed BAAAA at me. It was like she finally had reached her limit and was telling me "Damn Woman, I tell you every freaking day Baaa, it is not my fault that you cannot remember that the sheep says Baaa!" She did it with my parents there and we all just laughed like crazy. Then she realized that she made us laugh and she laughed with us. I tell you at times, she just kills me.

O.K. one more Sydney story..... Since you asked! The other day she brought in my shoes from the bedroom, because shoes live in the kitchen you know. She then was holding them fanning her nose. I had to laugh because when I take off her shoes I put them to my nose and say "Shew Wee!", and fan my nose. I guess she was telling me, "Yours are not much better there lady!" God, I love that Kid!

I gotta get ready for March Madness. I do a bracket every year with Scott's friends. I don't know why I even bother to fill the damn thing out, I think the past few years I have always picked the same team to win. I know nothing about any of the teams this year, but, I do know that NC beat Duke on Saturday because Scott was watching that game cursing Duke the whole way.

Do you think you can lose weight if you make your main food for the day bananas and matzos? I love matzo, don't know why but I like it. Nothing like a huge stale saltine tasting cracker to make you say yum-yum. Yes, I really do like it.


At 7:45 PM , Blogger New Texan said...

Hmmmm... the thing to remember is that the rates now are still historically very good. 6.75 was a great rate just 5 years ago (when i bought my first house). I got in at the absolute bottom in 2003, locking in at 5.25 for the house I own in IL... anything under 8 is pretty good though.

At 8:11 PM , Blogger TL said...

Thanks Steve, I keep telling myself that 6.75 is great and to be happy with it. We had a 2-1 buy down on this house when we got it 7 yrs ago and started out at 5 and on the third year locked in at 7, so going in fixed at 6.75 is good...I just want the better one from last week, either way it is a wash at income tax time anyway...


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