I have no direction

I have no direction for my day today. It started off like any other day, got up, got ready for work, let the dogs out, made my coffee, took everything to the car. Got the car ready for Sydney's arrival, and then off to her bedroom to wake, change, and dress her for the day. Here is where you hear the needle being ripped from the record. I wake her, am getting her clothes and when I look at her, her eye is just caked with eye goo. That crappy, shitty, yellow, sticky, Pink Eye goo. Yep, Mommy infected Sydney for a change. Pardon the happy dance there Syd! No, I was not really happy to see the goo on the eye. I grabbed the phone and called Scott. After a plan of attack, he leaving work at 9 am, a half day for him, and me going in late a half day for me. I try, and I stress try to get the eye drops I have from the last go around in her eye. Needless to say more got on the bed and on her face than in her eyes. It was 6:15 am, and yes, I did it, I put her back to bed. I figured, I know she is tired and hell, why not sleep if she can. I did feel a tad bit guilty. But I figured if she cried and cried I would take her out and start the day. But she was asleep in less than 2 minutes. I was tempted to fall back asleep myself but decided that I would use this time without kid and husband to pack a few boxes.

So, I packed my closet of clothes that I never wear because my job does not require me to wear suits or dresses any more. I kept one skirt and top out just in case I get a bug up my ass to attempt Church on Easter. Everything else, in two boxes. I still have a few more closet items like blanket, iron and other odds and ends to pack up. After that, I moved to the computer room and did some surfing on the net. Checked on work stuff, did some work e-mails. Then just a bit before 9 am Syd woke. I got her up and her eye looked a lot better than when she first woke that morning. Hopefully some of the drops I attempted fell into her eyes.

I got her fed breakfast, and while she ate, I packed two boxes up in the kitchen too. I know my scattered packing from room to room drives Scott nuts. But, well those were the rooms I was able to work in at the time. I also bagged up some clothes that I will never wear again and some plastic ware in the kitchen that I will never use and put it out on the front porch. Just so happens one of the local charity's is making pick ups in our area today. In fact I saw them when I left for work. They were making their way down into our part of the subdivision. Scott got home shortly after 10, I think it was, and I headed out the door. I wish I could have taken the whole day off, but I need to be here at work to tend to a few items. Next Thursday I am taking the whole day off, I will be getting the big stuff moved out of the house to storage since we have to be out on the 17th for good. The days are coming faster and faster and soon I will be walking out of the house for the last time. I am trying really hard to look to the bright side, new home, new fun, but I guess I still will need the time to get over missing this house.

I have more random things that have been going through my mind too. Do you ever have those jobs that are in the back of your head that you think, "I sure would like to be a ____." For some reason I have always had the fascination with being a private investigator. I have no idea where this comes from, but I think it would be fun to try and find people. My cousin a few years back was in Cambodia and got very very ill. This was back when SARS was running rampant. He turned 21 in Thailand in a hospital there, on his death bed. I found this blog, this accounts the story better than I can tell it, so check this out. Anyway, my point being that as his Parents rushed to Thailand, I kept thinking, he has to report back to school, has anyone told the school. Well, I Googled and searched and was able to locate a contact person. Mind you all I knew was where he went to school and it is a pretty big school. Plus calling and saying, Hi, I am so-in-so and I am this persons cousin and he is sick, I just did not see this to be a very viable solution. I was able to locate some of his college friends. The were able to alert his academic advisor who then called me. When Billy returned back to the U.S. and I spoke to him he said, "Out of everyone in the family, you were the only one who thought to contact my school. How did you know to do that?" All I could think was, I wanted everyone who needed to know to know and sitting in Texas a World away I had to do SOMETHING. It was not much, but knowing that it meant something to him meant the world to me. Now, Billy is on his way soon to Palau, he has been accepted by the Peace Corp. He loves to scuba dive and wants to get as close as he can to Fiji, so he is going to Palau. Lets hope and pray he does not contract another life threatening illness.

So, yes I want to be an investigator of some sort. I also think this comes from a job that I used to do. In the type of business we do, at times we have to file liens on property. This in turn has alerted me to the knowledge of the tax records for property. It is pretty easy, to do, I like the "research" aspect of it. At times I would have little to no information to go off of and it can be like finding a needle in the proverbial haystack. I like turning over the rocks looking to see what is below keep on digging.

I have two tickets on my desk for the Big Twelve Tourney on Sunday the 12th. A vendor dropped them off for my boss. He was a bit apprehensive to leave them with me. I know a Man I live with that would love to go to this. The funny thing, I never knew my boss was such a basketball hound. I will have to inquire about this....

This same Man I live with, LOVES it when he gets the call that I have the Stars tickets for the night too. Seeing how they suck so much recently, you would think the love would flow more this way. We have NASCAR tickets too, I just don't do NASCAR. Neither does said Man.

This Barry Bonds did steroids thing, does this really surprise anyone? And if you are surprised where the hell have you been? And considering how sorry he is, the less we focus on him the better I am thinking.

Anyone watch that Survivorman on The Science Channel? Pretty interesting stuff, whacked shit but I have to say pretty interesting. Mind you I hate sleeping anywhere that does not contain a mattress, T.V. and air conditioning. Camping was not invented for me. Unless it is at Holiday Inn.


At 1:17 PM , Blogger Krust said...

That fuck. My Aggies. College basketball. Good. Tickets me not have. Bad.

And the Stars don't suck dear. 2nd best record in the NHL... No excuse for not hooking us up wth tickets however.

At 8:23 PM , Blogger New Texan said...

Suck recently... they have sucked ass since the Olympics... it is like Modano's bad attitude infected the team. Nothing matters until the playoffs anyway.


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