A few things said in the office

On Friday I had just about had it. I was so irritated at stupid shit coming out of people's mouths that I vowed that every stupid thing that is said I am starting to write down. So, when things get really bad and I need a good laugh I can look back at these priceless gems and laugh. So, these are the ones I have so far:

" I got jipped out of vacation at my other job, so can I have some extra here?"

"I cannot get the air conditioner to work, I keep hitting the tempature button down and it keeps putting out hot air." (Anyone like to guess what was wrong? Yes, you are correct, the switch was on heat instead of air, a matter of moving it over to cool.)

"I don't know how to put the toilet paper on the roller." My answer put it on the roller and attach it to the wall, when I go into the bathroom the next time the toilet paper and the roller are sitting on the counter. I swear I want to say I forgot how to pay employees so no one gets paid this week.

These are the few I can remember off the top of my head. Mind you these all came from one person. I told Scott about the air conditioner on Friday and he just about blew a gasket. Unfortunately you cannot fire someone for being a dumbass, if that was the case a lot of people would be out of a job.

Yesterday I felt like total shit. A combination of lack of sleep from Friday night and all day in the wind and cooler air really did me in on Sunday. I slept a good portion of the day and still felt like crap. Today is not much better. I have to finish up our taxes, for some reason that always puts me in a foul mood. I need to get it completed tonight so I can worry about other things like packing up shit. I need to get the kitchen packed and start on my clothes, keeping out just what is needed for the time being. I also need to get Sydney's room in some sort of packed order. She spent the whole day Saturday with her Daddy. I felt like such a heel for not seeing her the whole day. She was tired, she was with my parents for a portion of Saturday and they had her walking all over the neighborhood visiting people. She slept late on Sunday which helped me rest. My face is wind burned and I had that rocking feeling from being on the boat all day on Saturday. I was running into things when I walked when I got home. Thank goodness it did not effect my driving. I am just about to a panic about the house and getting it packed up, but well I am hoping to make major headway tonight so I can not be so freaked out.

I just want to feel better too..ugh.


At 7:38 AM , Blogger New Texan said...

"for some reason" doing taxes puts you in a foul mood? I can tell you why... it is because you are being ROBBED!!! I hate when people do the "oh boy i got a tax refund" dance, when in actuality you are just getting back the principal on an interest free loan to the government.

Phew... that felt good.

At 8:13 AM , Blogger TL said...


So funny that you should write that. I had a post for the blog I started on Friday and it went into this long speech about how I have never been one of the people to get a huge tax refund. I was raised that a huge tax refund meant that you were a dumbass for letting them have your money for a year without paying for it. Now I wish I would have kept that post but I figured it was dull and boring!

All I gotta say right now, after paying almost 7K for childcare for 7 months in 2005 the 1K tax credit they give me is BULLSHIT.


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