There is 40 minutes I will NEVER get back

It took 40 yes I said 40 minutes for the damn electric company website to load and allow me to pay our electric bill. The fucker is due on Friday and I know I could have sent a check earlier once I got the bill, but let me inform you of something, I pay most of the bills online, but guess what happens when the company you are paying does not have a user profile where you can store account information, this leads to me miskeying a digit on either the routing or bank account number and this then locks your account from being able to be paid with a check of any kind on your account. Cashiers check is the execption. So now that I am on the blackballed list for 6 months because I miskeyed a digit I have to pay via credit card which is the same damn account that the fucking checks are coming out of. The whole thing is just plain stupid. 40 fucking minutes loads are at a record 5 would think an electric company would have the most up to speed stuff, maybe they are powering it with their overpowered electricty and they had to cut back because it costs so freaking much.........

My head has been hurting all day, now it is ready to explode.....

Other things I have learned in the past few weeks:

Speeding ticket in Arlington 83 in a 60 costs $ 208.00, thanks to my Husband

you think that is bad get a load of this...

Employee at my job gets ticket in the City of Coppell in a work vehicle, one safety chain on the trailer they are towing is broke, ticket cost $ have got to be fucking kidding me.

Texas Department of Public Safety ticket for defective turn signal cost $ 144.00.

Lesson learned, avoid City of Coppell like the freaking plague, oh and if you call them to discuss the ticket as the owner and employer of the truck and driver you have no rights at all. If you go in front of a judge you still have to pay the ticket and then court costs. I think the City of Coppell sucks balls.

These statements in no way excuse 83 in a 60 on the way to a hockey game where the Dallas Stars "played" hockey. Played is still being debated, more like they put on ice skates and spun around doing double axles and triple toe loops. I don't claim to know much about hockey but I can attest to the fact that this was the worst game I had ever seen in my was 3 weeks ago now and the horrid memory is still haunting me.


At 6:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try forgetting what your username and/or password are for TXU. You do their little help thing and it asks you to answer one of three questions to recover your information. The kicker is that you have to remember which of the three questions you provided the answer to. And if you're wrong twice you're locked out. Now, I have repeated tried to provide my mother's maiden name, the name of my best friend in high school and my account number, but it never seems to believe any of the answers I put in. Damn website.

At 5:48 AM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

I'm thinking you need to start billing those asses by the hour and deducted it from the bill.

Yeah, I know you can't do it, but isn't it a nice thought?

At 3:54 PM , Blogger Little Miss said...

Here's one for you--do not pay by check over the phone! EVER. you have given them access to your routing number and account and can take money away at any time!! The stupid hospital put my "check by phone" through twice, which meant we were overdrawn, which meant we received $99 in fees AND had to scramble to get some money put back into our account ASAP so the cycle would end! (the story is still unfolding, but they better pay me back!!)

and thanks for mentioning the ticket! I almost forgot it's FEB. and I have my court date for the accident back in October. glad it's in a couple weeks and that I didn't miss it--getting a bench warrant in the process!!

grrr. bastards.


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