Weekend observations

Weekends, they were short before, but add a child into the picture and the two days you have to spend with them is gone in an instant. I love the weekends, probably would love them more if my daughter would learn to sleep until 10 am, but I cannot complain, she goes down at 8 and does not wake until after 6 the next morning, or when Mommy wakes her up, weekdays that is. The weekend was better than last weekend, that one was hell, if those damn teeth would just come in it would make life much easier on ALL of us!

Had to run a plethora of errands yesterday, you know get food for the week so lunches can be taken instead of bought out, replentish the cereal supply, seems that 3 boxes is just about enough to feed my husband during the week, diapers, there is always a need for diapers. While running my errands I had the pleasure of going to Sam's, I recently have started going to Costco, seeing that we need a constant ungodly supply of diapers this is the only sensible place to purchase such items, that and formula. Why is it that every freaking family decides that Sunday afternoon, Sam's would be the best place on earth to bring your family to graze on the food samples. I never knew that you could feed a family of 6 at Sam's on Sunday afternoon. I am one for the free samples, don't get me wrong, but come on people this was not designed to feed the whole family. But really can you fault the masses, I mean it was not a really bright idea for the store to decide, lets give out buffalo wings, because not like people aren't messy enough but lets give them chicken bones too. Damn, what a mess, and the log jam of getting down the aisle where the free food reigns...just about impossible. I had to make this joyful trek for my boss, seems he has the sudden need for corn nuts. I am a fan of the corn nut, but I am hear to tell you, don't go to Sam's or Costco thinking you can find them, you can't. I guess I will have to stock up the corn nut supply from 7-11.

Saturday, the family headed out to the airport to pick up the parentals, so glad they are home. While we wait at baggage claim in terminal A, my father calls. Asks, have you changed terminals yet? "Wha?" Yeah, they changed out terminal, we are at C. Shit...explain to Sydney, yes baby you have to go back into the car seat for another short trip, to be taken out again and then placed back into once again. Usually this is not a big deal, but in the past two weeks, said car seat should be re-named scream seat. I guess it is because she is so damn TALL for it. What really irritated me was not once did anyone bother to announce that the flight had been re-routed to a different gate. I guess they figure everyone has a cell phone, figure it out. AND YES, smartass, I did check the board, twice, never changed the gate on the board. BASTARDS. Thank God my Grandfather was not on the flight, I would still be looking for him, he does not own nor know how to operate a cell phone. I guess with all the changes at the airport, announcements were one of the "extras" they cut.

My emotions have been all over the place, my Grandfather is still struggling, he has had a few more strokes and had one on Friday in front of my Mom. Talking to my Mom on Friday, I could tell she was barely holding it together. Hearing my Mom, knowing she is worried and scared freaks me out. In my 34 years of life, I have yet to be to a funeral, I have had three grandparents pass, my Grandmother that passed 5 years ago, they never had a service for her, she did not believe in God. That really freaked me out, I hope that in the last few days of her life she made peace with whomever and I hope that something is taking care of her in the "afterlife." My main thought, and maybe it is selfish, but I hope and pray that my Grandfather has a chance to meet Syd. I guess, I want her sunny face to smile at him. I want to share her joy with him. My parents took video of her to share with him, he did see it, but nothing compares to the real thing. Then I think about how much this whole thing hurts. I think about how sad and concerned I am, then I think about how my Mom must be feeling and that makes me feel even worse.

The weekend was not all doom and gloom. I did make a kick ass dinner on Saturday, as my neighbor would say. It was my fathers birthday and since he is the worlds hardest person to buy for, I figured I would cook. He made up for the last 10 days and played with Syd. Laughing at everything she did. She loves having a captive audience. I had a great lunch out yesterday with a friend. It is so nice to compare notes on babies and husbands. Makes me feel not so quite alone out there. Then there is always Syd, she has developed this grunt/growl thing. She is beginning to develop a temper. My husband says she gets it from me....He is right, bastard. That and my nose, she has my nose.


At 4:45 PM , Blogger Kim said...

I enjoyed lunch too! Always nice to know I am not the only one fighting this endless battle of not enough time! Have a great week!

At 7:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm laughing my ass off here. And you thought you wouldn't be a good blogger.


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