What's with the water?!

I recently read my college friends blog, you can check her work out by clicking here. She wrote about her basement flooding. Then we have hurricane Katrina, my Husbands Grandparents live right outside of Ft. Lauderdale and Thursday night he was on the phone with them while they were getting the holy hell beat out of them. Then Katrina decides to hit the gulf coast, hitting my family that live in the New Orleans area. So, please......... Don't let us be left out of the water crisis of 2005, last night we watered our back lawn. My Husband forgot about the water, I asked, "Gonna turn that water off anytime soon." I get the "oops", he heads out and turns it off, proceeds to come in and say, "We might have a big problem." Immediately my heart is in my throat, he proceeds to tell me that it seems that WATER is leaking out from under our slab on the one side of the house that he was not watering. Mind you these things only happen at 8:30 pm at night....

I go out to look at this mystery water, my only thought, FUCK...We are so fucked. These are the times I HATE being a adult. So, what does every girl do when they are in need? I call my Dad, he was pretty much useless. Mind you my Father is very versed in construction and things of this nature, but his lack of urgency really pissed me off. I guess I just remember all the times when he busts his ass out the door to help a friend with an emergency and I get, "Wow that could be a big problem." No shit.... I am advised to turn the water off at the main water valve, because you can live in a house with a baby and function so well without water.... Decide against this, water does not seep out anymore because back faucet is off. Still have not a fucking clue what is going on. Night ruined. I am pissed since my Dad could not travel the ONE mile down to my house to just look at the situation. He did state well, you got a jack hammer, oh yeah it is right next to my lawn mower... No, I don't have one but I can get one from my work, no problem. Tells me you can start to jack hammer right outside your patio and start to look for the leak there. How about we try to find the leak before we start destroying everything. Mind you, he is not "seeing" this just telling me what he thinks we should do....

Oh I was pissed. Needless to say I was in such a FANTASTIC mood from here on out. Husband keeps staying, why are you so pissed. I am so pissed at the "whole" situation the only thing I can do is go take a shower, get away from everyone so I don't start screaming. By the time we went to bed the water was drying up and not coming out anymore. Must have something to do with back hose bib on house and that pipe. Of course this is the side of the house that the baby sleeps on...Of course!

Today, come to work, talk to my boss, I can get whatever equipment I need to work on this problem, I even have someone that can weld the copper pipe if I need it. I figured as much but always good to know. Call my Mom, bitch to her about my Dad, she keeps saying, "I know, I know. I have thought the same thing many times myself." Good someone on MY side! Call one of our customers that is a plumber, have known him for years ask if he does leak detection. No, but gives me the name and number of a guy, he fixed his slab leak earlier this year. Good start, use the person a plumber would use. Still have to find out what the homeowners insurance has to say. Husband can do that. Mom calls Dad, asks him to go down and look, leaves a voice mail for him, telling him, all she needs is to know if she needs to call a plumber or not. Dad calls Mom, says don't call plumber yet, will go down later today when not busy and take a look, thinks we might be able to fix it ourselves....This is all I needed to know last night!

Somehow, I think my long weekend will be spent fixing this problem. I guess I will labor on labor day.


At 4:44 PM , Blogger Kim said...

Water, Water Everywhere! (from the baby einstein book!) :-) I hope that your family is safe and okay and the damage is minimal. Now, I hope that you don't spend the long weekend fixing your problem! Let me know if you need anything!


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