Scenting ones self...Today Vanilla

Every morning when I get up and get ready for the day, the last thing I do before I put on my shoes and load up my car with my house, and kid is put on perfume. When I open my shrine to sweet smelling potions I look at what I am wearing and ask myself, in this outfit, (even in t-shirt and shorts) what "should" I smell like? I was thinking about this whole process the other day and thought I was a freak of nature. If I wear browns or earth tones I think vanilla, so I use the Victoria Secret "Vanilla something (I forget the name but it has vanilla in the name) perfume. If I wear purple or pinks I wear "Violet" from Bath and Body Works or Estee Lauder "Beyond Paradise." Blues, of course I wear Ralph Lauren "Blue." This seems a bit obsessive to me when I look back on this act. Was wondering if anyone else did this or...Yes you are a total freak.


At 6:27 AM , Blogger Lexa Rosean said...

scents are very important and send messages to others as well as motivate and influence our own moods. You have a very magickal awareness to pick up on this. By the way - vanilla is for love and sensuality.

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At 7:30 AM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

I'm nowhere near energetic enough to do that--I'm lucky if my socks match each other, let alone the outfit I'm wearing. But I admire it, I really do! There's something creative and artistic about it--not at all obsessive. Of course, I'm a big geek with my own obsessions, so I'm not sure how much my opinion should count! :)


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