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We are officially moved out. Thursday we moved in a record amount of time, I had a few guys from my place of employment come help us with the big stuff. That really made the move a lot easier. Moments like that are when I love my job... I got the place cleaned up with my parents help that evening and they stood outside and said for me to do one last walk through. I did bawling the whole time. My Dad said to me, "This is like leaving Memphis." (We moved to Texas when I was 16, my whole life that I remembered consisted of Memphis) I told my Dad, "I never paid for Memphis." I locked up the house and that was that.

I did find out this lovely nugget of information on Thursday. You know how you always want to know, (well I do) who is going to be in your house next. Well the realtor for the buyers called me on Thursday, and I asked her who was moving in. The couple that bought the house did so for their daughter who is in college and her two roommates. My single and very horny neighbor across the street should eat this up. I am glad though, great house for three girls. Very safe and a nice neighborhood for them to live in.

My mouth has been killing I mean killing me all weekend. I knew it was from my clenching my mouth shut all weekend. So after a weekend of 2500 milligrams of tylenol every TWO hours for pain I drove to my dentist this morning. They are great, the got me right in, (without an appointment) and looked at my mouth. Top and bottom on the left side have been killing me. He numbs it up a bit, and come to find out, I have a huge cavity in one tooth. I am currently home, on codeine recovering from a root canal that I had first thing this morning. What a way to start of the week. I was so not going to work after that this morning, plus I have not slept that great due to the pain. I finally feel so much better. Even without the pain meds the pain I had non-stop is gone. THANK GOD!

Living with my parents has not been that bad. I really kind of like being with them. They are getting some great time with Syd who has been great. She cut a molar and I didn't even know it. Besides the drool, she was fine. She is recovering from a cold, Friday I took her in. She had more green goop coming out of the nose, no infection, tubes are working their magic and she just had a cold. She is much better today and no meds!! First visit she has not had any meds to take after the visit!!! Woohoo!!!

I cannot tell you how much better I feel because my mouth does not hurt anymore....I really thought I wanted to chew on some dynamite it hurt so damn bad.

Our new house is almost done. We close on the 7th of April on it. I am getting excited. It is more than I could ever imagine. My Dad is VERY excited about it, and that is always good. He is in the phase I was a few months ago, now he cannot sleep thinking about it.

Well, I am going to lay down and sleep without pain....thank you Dr. Wilson!


At 8:57 PM , Blogger Kim said...

OMG!!! I am glad you went to the doctor. I have never had a cavity so I don't even know what that feels like.

Hope the living situation stays good. Still, it has to be hard. Its good that Scott gets along so well with your parents.

I can't wait to see you, we'll be getting there on the 28th now instead of the 29th and we'll be leaving on 2nd! I am tearing up just thinking of seeing you!

At 8:59 PM , Blogger Little Miss said...

Wow! I don't know HOW you do with your parents again. I LOVE to visit them, and vice versa, but to LIVE with them? um...i'd need some sedation too!

At 5:09 AM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

So glad everything went okay and hope the days between now and the move-in fly by! :)


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