Tape, cardboard, and tons and tons of shit

7 1/2 years in one house=tons of SHIT. As I packed the millionth box in the kitchen with my Mom yesterday, I looked at her and said, "I don't remember having this much stuff when we moved in here!" Her response "You didn't!" We moved from an 850 sqft one bedroom apartment to a house of 1,596 sqft house. Which when you add one baby becomes 200 sqft. That is BEFORE the baby even arrives. After our first baby shower, I knew our staying in the house was not long for this world.

I don't know how Syd has stayed as well behaved as she has in all the craziness that has taken place over the past few weeks. Even our one dog is freaking out a bit. Any change in the norm makes her freak out a bit. All we can attribute that to is the bastards that dumped her near our house. But, the dog is a nervous wreck, whenever one of us sits down she is in our lap trying to tell us "PLEASE DO NOT FORGET ME!!!" She knows something is up and wants to make sure we do not forget her orange ass. No chance there. Although, I could bet that Scott would be willing to throw in a pug with the sale of the house. He is always trying to get rid of a pug, or two.

Well, anyway, back to packing. The kitchen is just about done, just a few odds and ends that were dirty need to be packed up. I have to pack up the under the sink stuff, but I will need that to clean with on Thursday/Friday. Syd's room is just about done, my bathroom is done, we are pretty much finished accept the big furniture that will be moved out on Thursday. I am taking that Saran wrap stuff they wrap shipping cartons with and doing that across all of our dressers that way I don't have to unpack them. I can just wrap them and move them the way they are. It all is so crazy and tiring. Yesterday I lost my pedometer so while I was in Wal-Mart I got another one, from Noon until 9 pm last night I walked over 11 miles, I hit the 10,000 step goal plus another 1200 on top of that. Mind you I did not have time to sit, I was going and going and going. When I finished with the kitchen, I still had to make dinner. I knew I would be cooking this one last meal in my house. So, I dawned my cutting board, knife and ingredients and I made Pico, for tacos. The cutting and chopping it therapy for me. It did me good to be able to focus on that for the time it took. We had our neighbor over for dinner, on paper plates and thrown together with what little items I had left out to cook with. He called it our "Last Supper." It was nice to share the meal with him, out of all our neighbors I will miss him the most. He has been an extension of our family since we moved in, he was the first on our street to move in. I remember the day we met him and I knew right off he was a good guy. I wish he would move in across the street from our new home too. He will be out on business on Thursday, and I think that is best. I would hate to cry in front of him, but I am sure going to miss him.

Scott stripped the attic and I found tons of photos from my high school and college days. Many went into the trash. I found two things that were framed with my wedding date to my ex-husband. My first thought was to take the stuff out and keep the frames, then I just decided to throw the whole thing away. What I am amazed at is just the overabundance amount of CRAP that we kept. You would think since I have not seen a lot of it for years that just throwing it away would be great, don't even look just toss. The throw away pile was a lot bigger than the keep pile. I just can't get rid of the stuffed dog that I had when I was little, sorry just not happening.


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