Just another day, and another bitch to the list

A few blogs ago I had a rant about the post office. Boy oh boy, they must have found my blog and decided to fuck with my life even more. They have this "new" technology where you can change your address online...for a dollar charge. So, Scott is put in charge of this duty, he says it is done, tells me they charge you a dollar, he said he would gladly pay the dollar to do it online. Hell, I will pay for convenience; I do our auto renewals online just so I don't have to bother myself with another errand.

So, the change of address should go into effect on Thursday the 9th of March. Thursday night, I check the mail, we've got mail. Friday I figure better check, not my house anymore but what the hell, no one is home, guess what, more mail. No mail has made it to my parent’s house with our address, with the pretty yellow forwarding tags, nada. So, Saturday Scott has the errand to go to the post office and ask them exactly what the fuck the deal is. He is told "Oh yeah, we have been having a lot of problems with that online system." Never mind the damn dollar. And I don't need the damn dollar back, but the damn principle of the thing is that the post office sucks balls.....still.

Still as of yesterday, no mail being forwarded. I hope to God they are "in process" of doing this task. It is going to blow their fucking mind when we have to forward it again.....I may never get another magazine or piece of important mail again. But you can bet that damn junk mail will find its way to pester the hell out of me again.

Yesterday I spent over 2 1/2 hours shredding old bills and bank statements and old canceled checks. I got a new shredder for Christmas; I am a practical type of gal. I think I burned the fucker up.

Sydney is hilarious. Since we have moved in with my parents, she sits in her high chair next to my Dad during dinner. She has that man jumping through hoops during dinner. I have to admit it is a VERY nice break to have her mooching off of his plate during dinner instead of mine. He cannot feed that bear fast enough. She will get low on a food item and start signing more all over the place and then if that does not work she starts making this noise like hurry up!!! Then if you ask "Do you want more of _________?" She will nod her head and sign more again. Then, she wants to drink his iced tea. Instead of the milk. So, she is drinking a lot of iced tea. Thankfully my parents drink decaf tea. My Dad gets her a straw and she just sucks away. Better him than me; I don't want those floaties in my drink!

Then there is the Vanilla Bean Frappachino's from Starbucks that she LOVES. It is like vanilla bean ice cream. My Dad got her hooked on those in November.

She is not spoiled at all. She will be FINE when we move. Really, it will not be an adjustment for her at all.

Hell hath no fury like a Sydney taken away from her Pop-Pop......


At 8:50 PM , Blogger Kim said...

As for the mail, I would put in the forward to your new address as soon as you know the house is done then start checking it every other day or so. We still get stuff with my in-laws address on it. Don't even get me started on that either, they do suck balls.

Husband can't figure out why when he is here for dinner or we are out together he is in charge of making sure Little Man has food. Because it is exhausting. I do it constantly, and usually when it is his turn I still do it! It is nice to have a break from the little things like that, you don't really realize the toll something like that takes. Now don't get me wrong, I still enjoy it and love that we are blessed with this child that can eat that much food, but it is nice to have a break!

At 5:13 AM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

I have this recurring nightmare related to mail not being forwarded to a new address. In the dreams, I am moving into a new house and either can't find the mailbox or there's nothing in the mailbox so I go back to the old house and have to sneak up to the mailbox only to find my mail mixed in with someone else's or partially ripped open or defaced in some other way.I moved around a lot growing up and I really think it's some residual anxiety left over from that. But I definitely feel your pain--you're living my nightmare!


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