So much and yet so little

Vacation came and went, gone in a flash. Work is still work. Tastefully Simple is still there, each day the gratification out of the work I do with it grows. I did an expo event with one of my down line consultants. That was last weekend and it was such a learning experience. We had some drama the glass shelving units we had displaying the product all collapsed. The shattering of glass could be heard I would swear around the world. Thank goodness it was right at the close of the show the first day. I think Christy and I were both in shock. We had the help of many other show vendors and now when I look back on it, it was funny. We only lost two bottles of product, that was amazing in its self. Here is a photo of when we set up on Saturday, before we had the collapse.
It has been an adventure, each day I feel like I am being exposed to some other new idea and possibility. The more I work my day job, the more I wish I could do this full time.


At 6:41 PM , Blogger Jen said...

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't hear the shattering glass sound down here. Hope all is well... it's a freakin' circus here. Miss you.

At 2:01 PM , Blogger Sabrina said...

Alittle late here but I'm glad TS is going so well! I can't believe that about the shelving! I can only imagine how loud it was! lol


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