I love my life

When you decide to let it all go, and to just worry about the things in life that truly make you happy, you begin to really love the life you lead. I know I sound like some sort of inspirational video or something but I truly am seeing the reality of things, of what really matters. That I can achieve what I really want to in life if I just try and most of all dream. I think I have limited myself of what I could achieve due to hiccups in life. I get so bogged down with things that I view as failures but in reality they were lessons I needed to learn to help me succeed later in life. Call me crazy, but this is working for me, so I am working it right back.

Now I still have my moments of rage and anger and just being pissed off, but I think they have been sustained a bit by me just asking and telling what I want and need and expect. Hopefully my not yelling will help achieve these things plus good old fashion work.

I rock.


At 7:29 PM , Blogger Kim said...

You're doin' something right. I haven't seen you this refreshed in a long time. I am glad, means less worrying for me! :-)


At 6:00 AM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

Workin' it--I admire the crap outta that. :)

(And when you do decide to put out the inspirational video series, I'd like to invest early--you know, get in on the ground floor and all that...;) )

At 7:23 AM , Blogger a happier girl said...

I didn't think it sounded like an inspirational video. I thought it sounded like a really great attitude. It's hard to let go of failures or even things that seem like failures. Good job learning how.


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