Taking a leap, jumping on board, whatever I am doing it

OK, so my "new" thing currently is that I am "taking control of my life". I have decided that with all the stress that my job causes me that basically I want to be my own boss. Really, news here? Who does not want to be their own boss? After the past three years at my job I have really been put through hell and back, to some extent I think it is slowly killing me at times. My stress level at times is more that I can even share with anyone. I figure everyone has stress, but at times I think I am going to lose it, mind, body and soul. So during another one of my sleepless nights that anxiety has crashed through two sleeping pills I decided that I needed to do something to make myself secure. To take some control. Financially we did not win the lottery so I HAVE to work like 99.9995% of us out there. BUT, I did decide to become one of those independent consultants for another home based business. Drum roll please...I am a new Tastefully Simple Consultant. Kim also is a consultant and I had never heard of these products until she told me about them. I love them, it's food what's not to love. So, yeah, I am doing this. My goal is to make enough that I can with this pay for daycare. That would be an extra 10K a year. Yeah it is ridiculous but, well you do what you have to.

So if you care you can check out this website with the products, you can even order from the website. Cheap plug, you bet. But you get what you put out there. So here it is.



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