Some freaky shit

Today I feel better, if you care but I do. Since I am feeling so much better I can now express what my thoughts were as I was suffering. Sunday I was laying in bed and for some strange reason I had this feeling like I was dying. I know Scott is going to be pissed because I did not tell him about this but I just had this strange feeling. It was crazy maybe it was just the pain in my head making me go crazy. Yesterday I could not take it anymore so I left work early and came home to take one of Scott's hydrocodine I did not have a clue what else to do. In 15 minutes after taking it the pain was gone. I felt so much better. Then about 45 minutes later I threw up. I was thirsty and drank a bit or water and then threw up, needless to say I was timid to eat or drink for the remainder of the night. I told Scott I had the flu, but truthfully I have no clue what I had.

Today I feel a billion times better, I was still a little sick to my stomach this morning but as the day goes on I feel better and better.

It freaked my shit out, so I am going to the Dr today for him to tell me either I am crazy or yes you had a migraine. I have no clue what else it could be. I am just glad that it is over. Needless to say due to my not feeling so well the past two days Scott has been on Sydney duty. Syd will come in and say "Mommy no feel good." And I would tell her yes I did not feel very well but I was OK. She was right next to me while I puked in the kitchen sink and that kind of freaked her out. What a family portrait that is! Husband holding hair back, Mommy puking, Syd looking freaked out!! We have fun at our house!


At 11:26 AM , Blogger Krust said...

All we needed was a bottle of scotch, a carton of Marlboro Reds, and the dog dragging in a dead squirrel from the yard and we would be in Trailer Park Mecca.

And you're right. I'm less than thrilled about your death premontion. I've already witnessed what I thought was your death once, not real excited to do it again. So, that being said...



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