A minute for Laura

This will be short and sweet. In my daily business dealings, I have fostered a friendship with a woman in New York City. She works for a company that has very close dealings with my company and many days we pass multiple e-mails back and forth. The relationship has become a friendship over the e-mail lines and phone calls also are included. We have exchanged gifts during the holidays and both are Mommies to little girls so we have many notes to compare on the subject. Well...right before Christmas Laura told me that she had a brain tumor. I was just shaken to the core by this news. She was in the testing process to see if she would require surgery, and as things turned out she does.

Tomorrow morning Laura will be checking herself into the hospital for brain surgery. We have talked and said our "talk to you soons!" but being the person I am I could not get off of the phone without tears. They will be taking a tumor the size of a dime out of her brain, they will have to break into her skull. It still just shakes me to the core. Laura has a little girl who just turned 3. When Laura told me about the tumor she told me that she would not do anything until after her daughter turned 3, she wanted to see her turn 3.

So please, take a minute for Laura and send her good thoughts.


At 2:03 PM , Blogger Undercover Angel said...

How very frightening and sad...I will keep Laura and her family in my thoughts... Hopefully the story will have a very happy ending...

At 4:31 PM , Blogger Kim said...

Awful. I can't even imagine being in her situation and thus I have no idea what to say. I am praying for her and her little girl.


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