Ignite the new Amway?

OK, when I was in college in at U of Missouri-Columbia, I worked in child care for 4 years. Thus putting me around a lot of women who were always trying ways to make a million without really having to work. You know the American Dream. So I was privy to the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner sales pitch. Which if these people "really" knew me they would know 1) I hate to clean 2) I am in college and I don't have $ 1500.00 for a freaking vacuum, and 3) $ 1500.00?!! Needless to say I was subject to the "you can sell this too and make a million." Thank God I did not fall prey to this crap.

So the same group of geniuses that were getting rich off of the massive vacuum sales, (ha-ha-ha! do you think they get a shirt that says my sales 'sucked' this month when they don't sell shit...$1500.00!) Anyway the same group shifts from vacuum's to "A wonderful business opportunity I would love to talk to you about." The words I began to fear. The words that spelled Amway even after you have given 2 hours of your time and they still won't tell you what this wonderful opportunity is. I could write a novel about how much I hate Amway. See, little did my friends know, was that every Tuesday night when they would have their "Rally" afterwards many of them would go together for coffee and dessert to the local Shoney's that I practically lived at. So every freaking Tuesday while at the salad bar or on the way to the bathroom I am approached by someone wanting to talk to me about a wonderful business opportunity. Yeah, right. Needless to say, I sat through a damn Amway recruitment meeting even after asking my friend "This is not Amway right?" And her response of "No, not at all!" was a freaking lie. Yeah, not an Amway fan.

SO! My point. Last Friday my oldest pug Millie has been coughing really bad recently. So on my way in to work I took her to the vet. They needed to keep her for a few hours and do some X-Rays. I called the vet around lunch time and was told I could come get her and that some meds should make her better. I run up to the vet to get her and the Dr. that was on her case asked if I would like to view the X-Rays', of course I said. So we go back and he is showing me the x-rays and we are having a pleasant conversation. Towards the end, he asks, "What do you do?" I tell him I am in the construction business and he then tells me about how he does a lot of volunteer work with the Greyhound Rescue. OK, I am thinking how nice, I know someone who has 2 rescue Greyhounds. Then he says, that he thinks he has a possible business interest for me to look into. He gives me a card that says Ignite. It has his name and contact info and a website. He tells me about a meeting they are having on Sunday about this new and exciting business that I could be a part of. On the back of the card it is already printed up so he can just write the address, date, and time of this meeting. I thank the Dr. and soon leave telling him I will see what is going on and maybe make it. Lies!! All LIES, because I am a nice person and I don't want to say No thank you!

SO on Monday in the morning I get a call from the vet. I was told the Dr. was on the phone and I thought how nice he must be calling about Millie. YEAH RIGHT! After the hello, he says, " I was calling to see why I did not see you last night at the meeting." I was shocked. I lied and told him I have a toddler, not a lie, and that my husband was busy all weekend, not a lie, and that I was on kid duty all weekend, also not a lie, and that I did not have the free time to attend. That was the lie, plus I forgot, and did not intend on going anyway. So he said he understood being a father himself and that he wanted to let me know that they were having another meeting (imagine that!) this Sunday. I told him that I was not ready to commit to it because I had no idea what my schedule for the coming weekend had. But I did tell him that I saw his website address on the card he gave me and I was going to look in to it online. He said that he would call me back on Friday to see if I had questions and ask if I was going to attend on Sunday. Geesh!!!

Now, what the fuck is Ignite? Ignite is a company who is part of the deregulation of electricity here in the state of Texas. Ignite is the marketing company for Stream Energy. Anyone can sign up with Stream Energy at any time, but if you become part of Ignite everyone that you get to change over to Ignite then their electric bill pays you. The slogan get paid when you turn on the lights. Yeah, umm, ok, well...Maybe I am just not made to be a millionaire but I just see scam on this. They have structured this whole Ignite thing not to have the pyramid effect with those being illegal and all. But to me it still sounds like one. You have to pay money to be part of the Ignite selling team, you have to bring on 3 people to sell under you and once you get 10 people you get your start up fees back. Yeah, I know I am not getting all the "technical" stuff down but this is the jist. Anyone can look at this on the Ignite site. I will not link to it though. So I have been reading about this for the past few days. I still have no good feeling about it.

Thinking that I am a good consumer, I chose to write an e-mail to a local news station thinking that maybe their is a story here for them to follow. So proud of myself, today I come across someones website selling their Ignite plan and they link a news story link from the freaking news org I e-mailed. And the freaking story was how a stay at home Mom is making money selling what everyone needs...electricity.

Yeah, I still ain't buying or going. Call me when you all are reaping your millions, I will be at work.



At 9:51 AM , Blogger Undercover Angel said...

I can't believe he called you to see why you weren't there, and plans on calling you again. They must be using harassment as one of their recruiting strategies...

I hate Amway too. The same thing happened to me about 11 years ago. We had a guy wanting to talk to us about this wonderful business opportunity. He swore up and down that it was not Amway, but sure enough it was. I don't know how they can get away with that...

At 12:11 PM , Blogger Mrs Marcos said...

I was waiting to hear the awesome business opportunity available exclusively to readers of your blog!!! ;)

At 12:13 PM , Blogger TL said...

Mrs. Marcos-

That is funny!!! I so wish I had a good one to offer. Just think if we could get paid to read blogs. I would be one rich woman.

At 8:04 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

When I saw the title, I thought Ignite was a verb (not a product line) and I thought it was a suggestion to commit arson. Frankly, I couldn't think of a better candidate to set on fire than Amway.


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