Laura called me just about an hour ago. She is doing wonderful and gets to go home today. Today was the first day I had heard from her. She sounds groggy and tired as to be expected. But she is OK!! Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Scott's Grandmother died on Thursday, so things have been a bit off the past few days. I am comforted in the thought that she is where she has wanted to be for quite awhile and her dignity is no longer compromised because I know she hated the state she was in. It is a relief but still a loss is a loss.

Easter was great, I had a migraine but was able to make your very non-traditional fried chicken for dinner. It was great, and we had neighbors over on Saturday night just to hang and chat and eat. It was really nice.

I am taking a day to rest since my migraine knocked the crap out of me yesterday. Plus I deserve it.


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