Student of the week

Translation- Parent will bust ass to make poster board with photos of child. Parent will spend $$$ on paper, stickers, and all the other hub-bub needed to make the poster better than all the other ones that have been done before hand. Oh yes, the child is supposed to help on this project too. I hate to tell you but, the ones I have seen in the past, the kiddos probably were not even allowed to touch the shrine built in their honor.

Guess what we are this week!!! The poster was supposed to be turned in today. I am sick as a dog and did not have it in me to out perform past parentals on this project. Thank GOD for my neighbor and all of her scrap booking tools and paper and other assorted goodies she is letting me play with to make this poster. Lord help Syd, because Mommy is not what we might say...umm what is the word??? CREATIVE...yeah, so. Well it will be a group effort and I bet no one will be able to tell where my work begins and Syd's ends.


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