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Virgina Tech, just like everyone else blogging about it. Unfortunately when all this mayhem went down on Monday I was in full on work mode and did not find out until I was leaving the office going home for a partial day of work. When I did have time to finally sit down and find out what the hell happened Syd was home. I remember distinctly watching some reports about effects of massive tv coverage on children after the events of 9-11. Yes, I am becoming that person. I remember the report saying that many children that saw the news footage of the planes hitting the buildings that many children thought that this was happening over and over each time they saw it on the television. Stepping back and looking at that from a child's perspective, I thought "Holy Shit! that has got to really freak a kid out." My point being, I did not turn on the TV until after she had gone to bed. Not until after 8 PM on Monday. What a tragic tragic event.

Last night I watched Primetime Live. I figured I had not watched much of the "stories" that have developed. I remember driving to work on Tuesday and someone saying this was the deadliest week in US history, then them naming all the incidents that have happened in our history during this week. I could name them but this would buy into the point that I found very valid, in my opinion. The person they interviewed in this one story said that the whole "worst week, or record breaking" titles and tags to these type of tragic events needs to be dropped. That by tagging these events with terms like "new high" or "record breaking" gives unstable individuals "goals" to hit. In my thinking, this makes sense.

And then they have to report on crap like what the "stars" are saying. Who gives a rats ass what any of them are saying.

But I guess what really makes me mad is hearing this constant blame game. Everyone wants to point a finger as to who failed here. The school, the police, the campus police, lack of an alert system, gun laws or lack there of, and it goes on and on and on. Do we need to blame anyone besides the one who did the killing? REALLY?! Everyone running around trying to point fingers here and there, but the finger pointing needs to be on the killer and the killer alone.

My two cents could be very unpopular. I am not saying I am not sorry about what happened. I feel very sorry for all the victims involved. Even the killers family. I know another unpopular opinion. I am sorry it all happened and pray that God can give comfort to everyone.


At 8:15 PM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

I'm with you completely. Even the killer's family. It seems they lost their son to something--mental illness or just evil--a long time ago. And the biggest, "best" shooting crap--there's no doubt that that kind of talk feeds a certain sort of mind. The way our country reacts to this kind of thing really shows where our weak spots are.

At 3:17 PM , Blogger New Texan said...

well said


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