Cease fire

When you have a disagreement with your spouse and you both is kind of like having a marital spat right in the middle of the mall. Does not make you feel very comfortable after you look around and see your audience. I am a hot head, I tend to strike first think later. This has been a constant flaw, gaping huge flaw in my makeup. Many, many times the words are flying out of my mouth and inside I am that was harsh, your gonna pay for that one. Quite frankly yesterday in my session with Wanda, I told her, I would not want to live with me. I am a very hard person to be around, I tend to think everyone should follow my rules and ways of doing things. I know, I am going to have hell on my hands when Sydney gets older, I am already fighting that battle a bit as she grows into her own person. But, I am a very hard person to live with, I know it, you would think this would hit home and make me ease up on my loved ones. Ha! Wrong, they tend to get the brunt of everything. So not fair to them and so not nice of me.

Self reflection sucks. So, anyway, I apologize for the "show" that transpired on the blogs yesterday. It eventually found its way into e-mail, which is a great way to argue with your spouse especially when you are a yeller like me, it makes it easier for the other party involved, they don't have to keep telling you to stop yelling. Even if you type in caps it is so much more civil than me YELLING, and I am LOUD.

Things are good, and right again. I need to work on my interpersonal skills and realized that many times people need praise, especially the ones that you live with. Such a shitty management thing to not do. I know I have to do it at work, and at times it just kills me!!! I figure you got your damn check, take that as praise, but I do it because it helps morale, and I should do it at home too. What Scott has done to our house in the past few weeks has been short of a miracle and he should be given lots and lots of praise, especially by me.

Now for some random items:

Why can't the hot pepper suppliers take the cap portion of the peppers and THROW THEM THE FUCK AWAY, instead of bottling them? My Subway sandwich has been littered with these damn hot pepper cap pieces that are like eating a soggy stick. It pisses me off so damn bad I want to throw my tuna sandwich across the room.

What is up with getting cracked lips in the corners of your mouth? For weeks the two corners of my mouth have been cracked, I don't even remember them getting this way. All I know is that no amount of chap stick is making them heal and hot pepper juice from my Subway sandwich burns like hell on them. That makes me want to throw my tuna sandwich across the room too.

How can a toy company that makes the majority of their money each year not have a Christmas Party, instead they have a Holiday Party. Pardon me, but if it was not for Fucking Christmas the damn company probably would not exist!!! This is an oxymoron to me.

Well, that pretty much is all that I have for right now. Major Christmas shopping to be done this weekend. Hopefully, it will be painless and stressless, but I bet not.


At 5:00 AM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

Hey, my heart (and my ass, since I'm going out there, too) goes with you on the shopping thing.

And the lip thing? I have the world's worst chapped lip issues (including those damned cracks, though this year I've been lucky so far!). You should feel very grateful that I am too busy and lazy (don't forget lazy!) to dig out and scan my THIRD and SIXTH grade school pictures, in which my bottom lip was so chapped, it looked like I had THREE lips. The part I love best was that I didn't learn my lesson the FIRST time around. (That kind of set a pattern for my whole life, ya' know?)

At 5:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh.. I can help with this one! The chapped lips, that is. Try Burt's Bees Beeswax lip balm. It's magic. Magic, I tell you.

As for the "holiday" party. Grrrr. It'e CHRISTMAS. Do kids even get gifts for Kwaanza or Hanukah? I'm with you.

At 6:29 PM , Blogger Little Miss said...

first of all, why the hell are you eating hot peppers on your tuna sandwich?!

second of all...well, I don't have a second one. that about does it.

At 6:37 PM , Blogger TL said...


Hope you survived the crowds and the mass confusion that holiday shopping brings. We did a tag team type shopping, worked well. Scott stayed out of the store with Syd in her stroller, I ran in got what we needed and then off to the other store. I was VERY impressed how this all worked.


I will have to get Burt's Bees because the lips are KILLING me!

Little Miss-

I eat hot peppers on just about anything that does not eat me first. I PRIZE myself on being able to with stand the heat that many men crumble under. And hot peppers on tuna is not really that bad! If you like em' try it!


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