Ice and snow and all that jazz

We had an ice storm on Wednesday. I hate, HATE cold weather. One of the many reasons I live in Texas is because we traditionally do not have frozen shit falling from the sky. If I lived up North I would not bitch about the weather, and the frozen shit because that is just part of living there. But I live here because it is not something that we get. If we do get anything, we get ice. I was born in the South, I do not know, nor do I care to learn how to drive in the snow. I lived in Missouri for 4 years and each winter gave me more frozen crap than I could ever wish for. Therefore, move South to retreat from the frozen precipitation. It just so happens that this week I have been having an audit at work, the auditor is from Maryland. I HATE just HATE people from the North that tell you when you live in the South how what you are experiencing is nothing. Everyone one in my office had been told to go home, it was getting nasty out and to get home safe before it got any worse. This being said, you would think he would get the hint.

Nothing. Therefore, I start shutting down my stuff, rattling keys. My Boss comes in and tells me he is leaving, that leave as soon as I get the other stuff wrapped up. Then he asks "How much longer is this guy gonna be here?" I respond with I have no clue, but I want to go home so he needs to get it in gear. Still nothing, he keeps coming to me with questions. Can I see your 941 return for the first quarter of 2005. What is the G/L code for sales tax encompass, why is this the figure in here, do you collect all of this? When is it paid, can I see the returns? FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. So, I dig, and copy and answer. Still...nothing.

Finally I have had it. I go out and ask, "So how much longer do you think you're going to be?" He asks, "Oh are you wanting to go home?" "Uh, yeah!, the weather is only getting worse and I live about 25 miles away from here." Then he starts to argue with me. He tells me "Oh it doesn't look that bad to me!" Mind you my WHOLE car is one damn sheet of ice...yes really it was. So we go back and forth. I tell him, you can stay, I can have one of the other men in the office let you out and take you to the airport, (mind you the one flight had already canceled) or a hotel. Then he asks, "What if it is 65 degrees tomorrow, will you be in then?" Don't be a stupid fuck, it is is 65 degrees yes I will, but have you listened to the news? It is NOT going to be 65 degrees. I left after 4 pm, and got home about 15 after 5 pm. Not too bad considering. I only hit one icy patch, and yesterday it was ice covered neighborhoods and icy bridges and overpasses. The main highways were ok, and as the day went on they dried off. Today you have a few patches here and there.

Schools were closed yesterday in my neighborhood, so, even if I wanted to come to work, Sydney's daycare was closed so I had no choice. I had a fun filled day with no don't touch the mini-blinds and no-no don't touch the Christmas tree. Then changing the diaper..when did this become such a struggle. Why does she act like I am pulling her fingers off one by one? Why must she SCREAM like that? I AM NOT HURTING YOU...yet!!!

So, today we are back, back to work. No auditor in site. I so hope he is back up North, getting a big ol' spoon full of this cold weather, a big ol' hunk of frozen stuff. Because, it doesn't look that bad to me.



At 8:56 AM , Blogger Krust said...


At 6:09 AM , Blogger Masked Mom said...

Hey--I can't stand the competetive weather thing. "Oh you think this is bad?" Ah, shut the hell up...

And the diaper thing? I actually got to the point where I could diaper the boys while they were standing up...It was probably setting a bad precedent, though--not showing them who was boss and all. I just did it because I couldn't take the NOISE! Speaking of wusses...

At 6:58 AM , Blogger TL said...


No one called you a wuss when you refused to deal with poop in the tub.


I know the whose got it worse weather wise is just stupid in my eyes. I saw Nita's photo of her on her John Deere plowing her driveway....bliss for her, a nightmare for me.

I am trying to learn to diaper while standing, I don't quite have that down yet but I think in a few more tries I will have it.

She is such a ham, God love her!


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