I think I am high on fumes

We painted all weekend long. Well not WE but my Husband did. I watched Syd. He painted our bedroom and my bathroom. Seems that when you show your house it is best to have everything a boring neutral color because when you show your house people are unable to visualize themselves painting things to their taste. Not to say that everyone would love my deep green sea green bathroom or my lavender/blue bedroom. Now it is Kelly-Moore bone color. They should re-name it to boring ass bone color. We have the hallway and the dining room and the living room left to paint. No chance of this getting done this weekend, my Mother and Sister-In-Law are in town for an early Thanksgiving this weekend. It is funny though, when I first painted my bathroom 7 years ago, the first wall that was painted I just looked and wondered what the hell I was thinking. Now I look at them and think, what the hell are the realtors thinking? To me it looks drab and dull. But, if it makes the house sell faster then I guess we are all for it.

Yesterday was the completion of a massive journey for my Father. My Father had an accident when he was young, I guess he was 8 years old when it happened. He was hit in the eye and due to the accident he lost the vision in his eye. My Father is now 57 (I think) years old. So, over 45 years without vision in that eye he has gone. Back in April he had surgery to restore his vision in his eye. The vision restoration was incredible, to go from not being able to see to being able to see in just a few days of recovery was incredible for me, I can only imagine how it was for him. I remember the first time I knew he could see. It was 2 days after the surgery and he and I and Scott and very baby Sydney were out eating breakfast. We were sitting at the table at IHOP and he made the comment that he could see all the plates on the table. I just looked at him and asked "You can see?" He said yes, he could see the cups and dishes and even covered his eye and touched a few. We left there and then went to Wal-Mart. He kept telling me that he thought people were sneaking up on him because he was getting the peripheral(sp) vision back. He could see things off to the side and was not able to before. It took everything I had to keep my shit together. It still brings me to tears today when I think of it. He states all the time that Sydney will never know that he was blind in his one eye. Yesterday they straightened his eye. When you lose vision in your eye, the muscle does not hold the eye in place so it gradually will pull to the side of the head, so it looks as if you are looking to the side. It is strange I know, but yesterday they worked on both eyes and straighten the muscles so his eyes look normal. They waited this long because once restoring the vision the eye will straighten itself out to some extent, this was tweaking so to speak. It is amazing what they can do now, compared to over 45 years ago.

Nevermind he can still be an ass, but an ass that can see now..woo hoo!

I feel good. The med adjustment has made light year difference in the way I am feeling. My anxious state has been put to the side. I have been anxiety free for days now and it feels great. I am not freaking out about every little thing and it feels nice to function like a regular person. To go through the day and not freak out about every little thing in the world that I cannot control. To just live in the moment and be. Wow, who knew it was this good.

BTW, I have been partaking in the Kelly Clarkson CD, Breakaway. I must say, VERY good. I am impressed with it. I must I listen to it about 5 times a day at my desk. Gotta love Windows Media Player....

Well, better go partake in my lunch. Meds make me eat, strange when the past few months I have lived off of coffee and sunflower seeds.


At 11:10 AM , Blogger BossMack said...

flavorful read baby.

At 11:23 AM , Blogger TL said...

Thanks bossmack, as are your blog posts. Very poetic you are in your musing.

At 9:00 AM , Blogger Kim said...

I am glad you are feeling better! I miss you bunches. Things aren't much better here, but they will be. I hope the painting helps your house sell faster than ours (yes, it is still on the market!) That is all I think about when I look at the inside of a house, is what color can I paint it!!!??? Apparently, I am not the realtors prime customer!


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